Is it possible to turn a man's belt to a woman's?

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  1. My boyfriend has a belt that he is never going to wear, and I was wondering if there is anyway to turn it into a female belt. Can the LV store punch additional holes for you? Thank you!
  2. I wear my husbands when I wear jeans that are really low on my hips. I think they can punch holes. He needed a custom alligator belt from NM to be "re-holed" because he lost some weight. NM sent it off to their folks. Came out awesome. But you can go to a leather shop or good shoe repair place. They even sell kits in craft stores to punch your own holes - but I would never trust myself with high end merchandise to do it myself.
  3. Its actually pretty easy to do and if its too long you can cut off a certain length, replace the buckle and add holes. I have done this numerous times, but then again my dad has all the tools since he's a fashion importer, distributor and designer.
  4. I just went to a shoe repair shop and they punched holes in my belt for free :smile: