Is it possible to SO a Damier Keepall 45 or 50 w/ strap?

  1. So DH decided he wants to get a Damier Keepall (and spoil my plan of getting the Damier Eole 50).

    I know only the Damier Keepall 55 comes w/ a strap, but is it possible to SO a 45 or 50 w/ a strap? Right now & for the next 2 years, DH and I will be traveling extensively in Europe (smaller planes), so a 55 may be too big to carry on.

    I just thought I'd check here first before calling my LV boutique (in case the answer is a resounding "No":crybaby:).

  2. I am almost sure it is possible

    but with the 30% extra u could easily get a taiga carry-on with strap don't remember the name of that one
  3. I think it is very possible to get a SO for a Damier Keepall 45.
  4. I would just call your local store and ask.
  5. Thanks all, I will call my boutique & ask.

    That's a really good point about the Taiga carry-on. I guess I can find out how much the Damier SO would be, then decide if it's better just to go w/ the Taiga. Thanks!
  6. I know the keepall is cool, but instead of doing the whole SO thing for a size smaller why not go big and get the damier grimuad. I use my all the time and it is perfect as a carry on. Perfect for a guy.
  7. Yep- it's entirely possible. I've actually contemplated SO'ing a Damier Keepall 60 (sans strap) :drool:
  8. Taiga Leather Kendall would be very useful.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can, but don't forget the lead time. You may have to wait 6-8 months.
  10. Damier Eole 50?

    Why have I not heard of this becoming available?

    When, my friends?
  11. that one is the one I meant :tup:
  12. I agree with Antonio, at least show him Taiga IRL before you get the SO. =)
  13. Any plans for a Damier Keepall 50 with Strap??

    I heard LV won't make it for at least two years.
  14. I have inquired about it before and you can SO it but like someone said 30% more. I originally wanted the Damier keepall 50 brought the Taiga Kendall instead because my DH can using it without it being too flashy. The Kendall is more structured though so its not as forgiving if you don't have much room in the storage compartments on the plane. If you go for a weekend trip and bring lots, I don't think the PM size will fit everything for two people but it is about the same size as a 50 (I think).
  15. It's being released in September.