Is it ok to wear chain hobo like this?


Dec 9, 2006
I just won a black large leather chain hobo which is checking out ok so I am just going to pay for it. I have never seen this IRL and realise it is a large bag, can I just ask anyone that has it exactly how it compares the the Balenciaga day or any other large shoulder bags? Also what do you think of the way VB is carrying hers? Does that look ok? And also does it slouch on and is it soft leather and how do you do it up? And one more, does anyone have any pics of themselves carrying theirs? Does it look exoensive in real life? And also if VB is that skinny and it looks ok on her surely it wont look too big on me as I am a british 10 so am no way near as thin as her!:yes:
I have the big one and I'm 5'3" and a size 4. I prefer to carry it on my shoulder. It is more comfortable that way. It gets more and more comfortable as you use it and it starts to conform to your body more. And yes, it is very impressive in person. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it. Enjoy.


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Feb 18, 2007
i just got my black one in and i prefer to wear it on my looks better btu if that floats ur boat then go for it!!!