Is it normal for Speedy handles to turn this dark after only 4 years? (ro)

  1. Just came across this speedy on LT. I was showing my DH how dark speedy handles can turn, but I told him it would take many years to get that dark.

    But much to my surprise, that speedy has a date code of TH1003. So it was made in Oct. 2003, right? Is it normal for the handles to be that dark so quickly? I guess I'm so used to seeing light to medium patina on tPF.
    dark handles.JPG
  2. This is dirt, not just patina.
  3. I worry about mine because I have carried nothing but my speedy and likely won't for a few years.

    Yikes....I hope twink is right and that's dirt more than patina.
  4. Yikes, I'm guessing too much hand cream rubbed off on it. Mine is just over 3 months old and is getting dark but a nice tanned dark x
  5. This is not patina, it looks like some smart a** tried to apply oil on it.
  6. 4th the no way that's normal patina after 4 years.
  7. this does not look normal.
  8. Thanks for the post! I'm going to show this picture to my friend that wanted her speedy to patina so badly she wore extra lotion on her hands to speed the process. Genius!
  9. I agree.
  10. ^^^^

    Ew...gross !! It needs to be taken for handle replacements, it was obviously used every day for the last 3 years!!
  11. Yeah that's dirt and grime from daily use, not just patina. :push:
  12. how much is this bag? If you clean the handles the dirt might cover a gorgeous patina.
  13. I saw this bag too on their website! It is absolutely gross. I think someone may have tried rubbing oil on it, ugh!