Is it just me?

  1. Or are some of the people in the forum a bit over-protective of the LV name? There are obviously fakes out there, because most people certainly cant afford the $600 pricetag of most bags. Personally, I dont care if other women or men have fake things. In most cases, they simply dont hold up after time, and they are nowhere near the quality of the real thing. While I do have real Louis Vuitton, I would NEVER turn up my nose when I see them go by nor call them out. That's just me. I was floored when I read about someone yelling at some ladies with fake bags. It just adds to the common conception that most people who buy and carry LV are snobby.

    I purchased my grandma a fake LV bucket bag off of eBay for Christmas three years ago because I didnt have the money to buy the real thing(I was 14) and she has worn it nearly every day since then. It still looks amazing even with its patina. She gets so many compliments and she is thrilled to tell people that her grandson got it for her. Even though now I could buy her a real LV bag if I wanted to, I'm sure she would still keep that one. Some things hold a great sentimental value to a person, even if you wouldnt get paid $10k to take it.

    Maybe I'm just a little tired of all of these threads about seeing fake bags and members "almost throwing up" just from looking at them.

    I'm probably the only one that thinks this, but I thought I'd just put my opinion out there.
  2. i think most of the time people get anoyed when someone carrying a fake acts like its real and tries to pass it off as real. we are not a forum that supports fakes and if more people buy them more will be made. supply and demand are not always a good thing.
  3. I totally agree with what your saying. Although I don't condone fakes I don't think people should be looked down upon or yelled at just because they own one. We don't know their situation...we don't even know if they realize they are carrying a fake! If I see a fake I don't say a word....its not my place to. I'm certainly not the LV police.
  4. I would never ever confront somebody who was carrying a fake bag. It's rude, inappropriate and not my place. Some people don't know that what they're carrying is a fake bag. Sure, some might be wearing it to make others think that they're rich, can afford expensive handbags and are something that they aren't - but I like to think of it this way:

    Those people know the truth about why they are carrying fake bags. They aren't impressing me with their fake bag, and if they're using it to get attention, then they should be embarrassed for themselves!
  5. ooooh the drama begins in another thread.... what is up with all that?
  6. I don't buy them because I think you should not profit off of stolen ideas. Some do look quite good if they just designed their own originals they might be able to make a profit too after a while. Then you also have the issue of sweat shop labor which is another major factor. There are also the concerns about the economic factor and the lack of tax income on these bags. I could go on. But I think you get the general gist of it. I never would say anything to a person I don't know who is carrying a fake. But I will not support it either by buying any of them.
  7. I just wanted to say that I am not condoning the buying of fakes. Fakes are definately illegal. All I'm saying is that some of the reactions to them are a bit absurd in my honest opinion. Laughing at someone to their face or even calling them out and yelling at them?

    I didnt intend for this to start off on a debate about fakes, I was just talking about some of the reactions to them.
  8. I agree with the point that people get annoyed because a lot of times when someone has a fake they try to pass it off as real. Not only that, I've even heard stories that go as far as people with fakes being the obnoxious ones when they have nothing at all to turn their noses up about.

    Also I think there is the feeling that when there are tons of fakes around on some level it "devalues" the real bags. So everything is then assumed to be a fake by the unwashed masses or the handbag impaired. I don't think any of us like to be asked if our bags are fake, there are numerous threads about the subject. If there weren't fakes around in such quantity maybe it wouldn't be an issue, not to say that there aren't other factors that go into authenticity doubt, but I think thats part of it.

    I wouldn't confront someone who has a fake either, but at the same time I can't say that I wouldn't frown upon it if they had the crappy attitude to match their handbag.
  9. I wouldnt confront someone about having a fake bag
    I find it understantible that we can get angry about people with fake bags because we save money , We arnt all rich people that just throw money at anything we feel like , We save our money hard to buy us things and i find it a little irritating when i see someone with a fake bag that isnt fair to the designers that worked hard to make designer luxury brands what they are and spent time thinking up ideas .

    I find there are perfectly pretty bags at topshop and Coach have some very nice bags.

    I find it rude people comfront people about it, thats not right .
  10. I'll be honest, I don't like seeing fakes. I don't feel like I have to be forgiving to everyone in the world for not being sure they are carrying a fake. But I wouldn't go up to them and confront them about it! I just keep an inner monologue going. I know I have the real thing anyhow.
  11. I understand your point. Some people are in love with LV but they don't have the money. They then buy a fake because they will probably never have enough money to get a real bag. That's why we see so many people with fakes. it's fakers fault's of course but now the laws consider that the buyer is as guilty as the seller. I do not support fakes whatsoever.
  12. I usually do not post, but I have to say that I read the same thread you did and I thought it was a little ridiculous. Although I do not condone fakes I would never yell at someone or belittle them just because they had a fake LV.
  13. ITA, I have a Confession to make, I also bought my Friend a fake (very plastic :p) LV cerise Speedy from a Market in Turkey years and years ago, I even haggled on the price. And thats because I didnt know the price nor could I afford a real one for her.

    It was 100% wrong of me to buy that fake and I would NEVER think of doing anything like that again but I did not know the LV brand well, nor did I know the effects of me buying a fake and how that fake was made.

    People carry fakes for many different reasons, until a person knows their circumstances then they cannot judge. Fakes are wrong and Illegal but we all on tPF know that which is a good thing, educating people is a pathway to NO fakes (NOT shouting at them lol) :flowers:
  14. :yes:
  15. Yes, I do see your point, but at the same time, I understand why some of us feel so strongly towards people carrying fake bags. I guess, it all boils down to how people are being brought up, where some of us are located, etc. Some countries have such strict laws regarding counterfeit items while some countries never see that as a huge crime at all. The place I'm located right now, I see more fakes than authentic bags and honestly, I'm kinda immune to them(fakes) that I couldn't care less anymore. :p As I always say, as long as I know mine is authentic, I don't want to have anything to do with fakes and couldn't care less why someone else bought/carrying a fake bag. I'm not a confrontational kind of person and I think everyone is entitled to feel and think however they like, but yea, no need to be rude. :flowers: