Is it just me? Whats the consensus out there?

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  1. I just can't get bring myself to purchase a pre-owned bag. I just don't know why. All I focus on is that someone got to enjoy and use the bag before me.

    Because I know that your answers will weigh heavily on factors such as price, accessibility, etc...I should make some general assumptions:

    1. The bag is not rare (can be obtained at H)
    2. The bag is lightly used (almost new condition)
    3. The bag is sold for retail (not marked up/not discounted)
    4. Of course the seller is 100% reliable
    5. You don't really live in Alaska and could get to H

    I think its just me. I think Im too picky. I actually have never purchased anything pre-owned. Please tell me someone somewhere out there might feel the way I do?
  2. Purse -- I feel the same way, although I've never purchased any H products yet :smile: I really want my Birkin and I know that if I wanted to I could get one pre-owned, but since it will probabley be my only one, I just can't bring myself to do it. I understand what you're saying. Something like an H is too precious to consider getting used. You're not alone!
  3. I also would never buy any bag, anywhere,other than an Hermes store.
    I would never spend this kind of money to not be recognised as an Hermes client!
    I have always had a suspicion that the people selling fakes,do so; and then
    they go and purchase the authentic for themselves. Funded by the impatient, the unsuspecting ,too eager, buyer.
  4. I think I could get behind a lovely pre-loved bag. Something with history to it, a classic! And then, I wouldn't have to freak out at the first little ding! That would be divine!
  5. 1. The bag is not rare (can be obtained at H): I don´t care about rarity
    2. The bag is lightly used (almost new condition) :I don´t mind signs of use either
    3. The bag is sold for retail (not marked up/not discounted):I never buy used bags for retail
    4. Of course the seller is 100% reliable: Naturally
    5. You don't really live in Alaska and could get to H: I live nowhere near a boutque

    Plus, I just don´t care if a bag´s been used or not. I buy what I like.
  6. I typically don't buy used bags. But sometimes I find something I really like, the price is a reasonable bargain, and the seller is reputable, then I take the plunge.

    Plus, on occasions, it's nice to have someone break into the bag for me so I can simply use it as a daily tote instead of caring for it like a baby. It's way too stressful for me sometimes with my new birkin.

    Another thing is I despise the hoops you have to go through to get a bag at Hermes. I bought mine right off the shelf in the States. I was lucky I guess. Otherwise I wouldn't have the patience. Or I'd simply fly to Paris and do the damage immediately.
  7. Oh, I'm the same as you, I won't ever buy a pre-owned thing, except for houses or vintage items.
  8. I'd buy pre-owned in a hot second if it's vintage and in excellent condition.......LOVE vintage Kelly's in particular!!!!
  9. i buy vintage(it can´t get any better then decade old boxcalf kellys ) but currently available to me products used no and i do not ever buy croc used vintage or not
  10. I've never bought pre-owned H but I think I would be tempted only if it were a bargain or a really good deal. If it's the same price as retail, I would buy new from the store.

    Would bags that fit your criteria above (ie not hard to find) BE sold at retail price - surely no-one would expect to sell a second-hand bag for the same price they bought it? 'Lightly used', 'used once', even 'never-used', it's still second-hand in my opinion and I would expect to pay less than retail.
  11. I only buy used bags if they are in near new or new condition and at least 20-30% off below retail. Also, I will consider its rarity too. I will never buy secondhand bag if they are at retail price or above retail. I'd rather wait.
  12. I have no problem buying pre-loved but only under retail. Miss Prunella is 5 years old and I like the fact that she's not new because 1- now I don't have to be terrified of using it and 2- I'm a little worried about new bags with all the talk of H expanding and quality suffering as a result.
  13. I dont mind new or used bags, as long as the price reflects what it is. I would buy a used Barenia bag because they are rare. It would not matter to me if it was not box fresh. Birkins are hard to come by new, so the choices new people like myself have is to purchase used/nearly new or a few days old.

    I understand why people like new, I think the experience of going into the store to pick it up must be a great one, but lots of people do not have that option, so the next best thing is used.

    I bought a used pm picotin recently and I am happy to bounce it around knowing that if it gets marks on it, its ok, it has some already!Lol!x
  14. As long as it's what I want, the condition is excellent, and the price fair (this is subjective, of course, as I am willing to pay more for a rare bag) then sure, I don't have a problem with it.
    I understand why some people wouldn't want to own a pre-owned bag, and to each their own, but I've been lucky enough to buy from the store many times as well as from resellers/second-hand - in both instances the experience has been excellent, and I've been the proud new owner of a sensational bag. I like to give bags a new home! LOL!
  15. Purse-o-holic, if it was well taken care of and the bag was discontinued or just plain difficult to obtain, and I had the cash, I'd consider a pre-owned bag.