Is it just me or do you know these handbag brands?

  1. I just got an email from about a sale they are having. So, I went over to look at their bags-has anyone ever heard of these brands?:

    Francesco Biasia
    Red O (I think this is Overstock's own brand)
    Lauren Tango
  2. Francesco Biasia - their bags are sold on many online sites like bagshop, jacquelinejarrot, pinkmascara etc.

    Some great-looking bags, IMHO and not terribly expensive.

    Positive feedback judging from reviews on ebags and Zappos, and from some posters here. :biggrin:

    BTW I have read some posts here that suggest it's better not to buy from overstock, others who have bought from that site might be able to give you more helpful advice.
  3. I've heard of Francesco Biasia and Perlina.
  4. Like Kezza I have heard of Biasia and Perlina. I do not own any of these brands though so I cannot tell you about the quality. I think I saw Perlina bags from time to time at Loehmans.
  5. Ah, thank you for jogging my memory, Kat! I see Perlina bags at Marshalls with some frequency. They seem quite nice, and come in styles I like, but I've yet to buy one. Probably because they're never just what I want, when I want it. I've seen Biasia bags at several online sites, never in person.
  6. I Know Biasia & Perlina......Perlina Is A Beautiful High End Bag Maker (Highly Recommend)
  7. I purchased a Francesco Biasia for my mom (Lord & Taylor carries them.)

    I've heard of Perlina, but I don't believe I've seen any in stores.
  8. I've only heard of Biasa. I see some in Marshall's or TJMaxx.
  9. These are the ones I've heard of too.
  10. Oh yes! Francesco Biasia, Prague, Perlina - love them all! I saw a few Perlina bags I wanted a while back but didnt end up getting them :sad:
  11. I see Francesco Biasia at TJMaxx all the time.
  12. Heard of Biasia and Perlina. I have one Perlina that is very soft and well made and several Biasias.
  13. I recognize the names of four of those brands--especially the Biasia (sold locally at stores) and Perlina. The latter is sold at my local Nordstroms.
  14. I know Francesco Biasia and Perlina.