Is it just me or are this round of FP deletes at the outlet quicker than usual?

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  1. Let me preface this by saying congrats to all those snagging some outlet deals on these bags. I know we have been seeing quick turn around at the outlet for a while now....however this round of deletes seemed like they just came out. I have a Coach email from Aug 4th called "Introducing the Ultimate Audrey" promotin the release of the Purple Croc Audrey. In the body of the email they refer to it verbatim "The Limited Edition Audrey". Less than 2 months later this "limited edition" is showing up at the outlet in droves. Even my outlet has it and my outlet never gets anything.

    I bought this bag during August PCE and I know it is only 30% at the outlet no coupon, so the outlet buyers are not getting it for that much less....but I am only using the Audrey as an example....what about the Brynnes, the Midnight Maggies etc...seriously these bags were released to boutiques less than 2 months ago....what gives?
  2. I agree.
  3. me too!
  4. Yes, I agree. I think there is just so many more choices of bags colors they keep releasing....It's hard to keep up, and Lord knows, I am trying.
  5. me three!!! They are at the outlets faster than a speed of lightning..
  6. What do you think is the rationale? To make room for a major new line like Sophia? This sort of reminds me of the Zoe bonanza a year or so ago...which IMO prompted the "less FP deletes to the outlet" strategy. I am still basking in the glow of my Aug PCE purchase and now my head is spinning!
  7. I figured it was because they just introduced such a huge new fall line, so they had to get rid of a lot of other bags. But, yeah, the outlet bags seem like they're still so new.
  8. I cant believe that a bag I bought for September PCE is already at the outlets! How are these "limited editions" when EVERY outlet has gotten them?
  9. I hear there is a lot of really great new stuff in the works in both FP and factory. I guess they are just making room by shifting them to the outlet and selling them at basically PCE price.

    I really like the gathered sophia, but at this rate I can pick it up at factory prices by xmas!!
  10. I thought the Kristin's went fast but this was even faster!
  11. I was surprised to see these bags at outlet so soon, too. I feel like I barely had time to decide which I'd like to purchase (at FP), and then the rumors began about them coming to outlet.... so I just waited, and low and behold-! My outlet had both the gray and purple croc Audreys at 30% off. True, the savings aren't great, but it WAS fast turn around. I assumed they'd still be at FP at least until Thanksgiving!
  12. Yes, it does seem like Coach is shipping deletes to outlets really quickly this time around.

    On one hand I wish they'd wait a few months, so those of us who bought FP or during PCE can have some time to enjoy our purchases without thinking about the outlets having them at a lower price (no matter how slight).

    But, on the other hand I love getting a bargain on a beautiful purse...

  13. At this rate probably by Black Friday.
  14. Don't be too sure. According to my poll, the Gathered Sophia is selling really well, at least by tPfers.

    I heard a bag I bought on PCE in the spring is headed to the outlets but at 30% off with no coupon, it isn't really much of a discount to upset me.

    It seems that the bags are going to the outlet quicker but only at 30% off. I haven't heard of anything good for 50%. Actually, I haven't really heard of anything at 50% off. I guess gone are the days of the big 50% off sections of the store.
  15. I called my sa and ask her what is the problem but of course there is no great answer Coach has no theory for anything they do. I hate buying a bag and then a month later it is at the outlet. This issue is making me second guess spending money at coach when it's going to the outlet in a few weeks anyways. I thought I would be ok and buy from the red book but now I hear that the brynne in raisin and teal are there too. They need to get it together before they lose their customers to others brands.