Is it just me or are Speedy's addictive?

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  1. Currently, I only have two so my speedy collection in no way rivals some of you, but I find it strange that I even have two! I've never been a hand-carry bag kind of girl. But after admiring the look of the Speedy for a while I finally decided to take the plunge. I now have two: a green Epi Speedy 25 and a Damier Azur Speedy 30. Whenever I carry them I notice I have a little more pep in my step and I smile more. Now, I'm trying to plan what will be my next one! I'd love to get a Cerises or Graffiti or Mandarin 25 in pristine condition. I'd also love to get a Damier Speedy 25. And what's funny is I still don't go for hand-carry bags…..but I want more Speedy's!!!! How many do you have?
  2. you have to get the damier speedy next! I also love speedies! So far I have the azur, damier, mono all in 25, then the denim neo speedy in blue, green and pink, lastly I have the pref in pink. I can't get enough speedies.
  3. Wow you have quite a few! Yes, I forgot about the perfo....I'd like that in green or orange. ;)
  4. I have none, but that's because I haven't started my collection yet. A Speedy 35 is going to be my first high-end bag though! May there be many more to follow :smile:
    I don't like hand-held bags but I love the Speedy.
  5. The speedy didn't really appeal to me until it came out in Damier. I tried it on in Hawaii and when I saw how much could fit in the 25 I was sold. Now it's my everyday bag.
  6. Yes, they are addictive. I only have 2 Speedies, but it is the only "repeat" bag in my collection. And I would buy more!
  7. I :heart: speedies! I have five: Damier 30, Mono 30, Blue Neo Speedy, Silver Dentelle, and Noir Mirage. They are my favorite bags! I plan to add more limited edition speedies as they are released.
  8. yes maam they are.

    my first was Mono Speedy 30
    just go the Damier Azur 25
    next month (for my bday) I am getting the Damier 25

    then I hope to get
    Mini Lin Speedy in Dune
    Multicolore Speedy in White
    Multicolore Speedy in Black
    Mini Lin Speedy Regular
    Denim Neo Speedy Blue
    Mono 25
    Damier Azur 30

    ^^In that order. lol.

    and then if im lucky and find a cerise speedy or someone that will do payment plans (actually i need that for both the multicolores too) that ones on the list as well!
  9. I love the speedy! Iconic Bag! I only have 1-speedy 30 in Damier, but I have been using it nonstop for awhile now!
  10. I love speedys! I currently have 3
  11. I love speedies I have 6 and still plan on adding more. I have mono 25 and 30, SO damier 25, azur 25, black MC 30 white MC 30, and i plan on getting Mini Lin ebene within the next couple of months. Then for spring summer i'm going to get Mini Lin Dune. I cant help it i just love the speedy
  12. I only have 1 speedy (Cerise :p), but I want to get the mini lin.
  13. Lol YES! As are Pochettes and Cles!
    My count is:
    Speedies- 7 (Black and White MC, Gold and Silver Miroir, Cerises, Mono 30, Damier 30)
    Cles- 9 (mono, white Charms, all 3 Cherry Blossoms, denim, Cerises, Amarante Vernis, Groom)
    Pochettes- 13- (Gold Miroir, Peach Graffiti, brown/pink CB, pink/pink CB, white and black MC, Panda, Cerises, Green Perfo, mono, fuchsia vernis Lex, Damier Azur, fuchsia Charms)
  14. I think its just a popular style so its most of the lines.. ie denim, damier, azur and mono/perforated.. now with the mono coming out in again another new addiction.. Not to mention the miror(sp)
    I think its just due to the fact that its a staple for most... this way they have a variety.
  15. dang now reading through and seeing how many there are .. WOW
    I have the white Mc speedy
    denim speedy
    mini lin

    .....I totally forgot about the mini lin (blushes)