Is It imortant To Know Whom At What Your Wearing ?

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  1. My answer is yes ! But that has a lot to do with my profession as a stylist and designer for celebrities and the like.
    Im sure you ladies have your own version of a red carpet moment weather its your wedding day, a party, or family function.
    My question is :
    When, if ever, at your red carpet moment was it important for you to know whom you were wearing.
  2. Prom, because everyone was asking me where I got my dress because no one else had it!

    I look really bad in this picture because the photographer didn't know how to pose people (he made my friend who's a twig look really fat!), but I just wanna show off my dress :biggrin:
  3. Gorgeous !!!
  4. That is a lovely dress!

    I think that when you're going to an event or something, it would be nice if you know who you are wearing cause chances are....if you're going to be asked that, it would be that time.
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