Is it hard to get a job at Coach??

  1. I've been thinking about picking up a parttime job recently and what better than to work at the local Coach boutique? Does anyone here work at one? How difficult is it to get a job there? Do you have to have a lot of sales experience? Thanks! :tup:
  2. You should apply! I'm sure if you have some sales experience you would be fine. Knowing the product and being a fan of Coach should score some points too. :tup: Go for it!
  3. lol I went in one time looking for something and after a few minutes they offered me a job, it was so funny. XD
  4. i think u might b just in time for the xmas rush
  5. Cool, I think I'm going to apply!
  6. Has anyone ever worked for Coach as a seasonal employee during the holidays? Do you get the same discount? Is it fun or do they make you work like crazy? I have heard horror stories about people working seasonally at the gap and having to work overnight re-stocking the store, and working new years eve until 11pm. Does anyone know if Coach is better?
  7. too bad im not 18 :sad:
  8. I started up at Coach last year seasonally and i'm still there and happy :smile:
    It's a great time to start working because it doesn't get busier than that and you are forced to learn quickly! I had very little sales experience, but some of the girls had none, it's a fun job and yes, you get the same discounts :tup:
    You should definitely apply, most stores are looking for quite a few employees right now for seasonal... Good Luck!