Is it easy to get a Dark Silver 226 in the states?

  1. like Chicago or NYC.
    The day I asked my friend who got a Navy 226 in Paris to buy me a Dark Silver, but the next day when she went to the boutique, all the 08 color was sold out except the Metallic black. After she went there several times, but still bad chance.
    I like the Dark Silver soooooooooo much and I want a 226 size.
    I just want to konw if it is hard to get in the states, I have friends in chicago and newyork, otherwise I m thinking about buying on eBay,or do you think I should wait,coz they said in paris, they will have dark silver again.

    I m the new one to this forum, I'll appriciate your help:heart:
  2. I just saw a dark silver at Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY. Call them up?
  3. thank you so much
    i think my friend wont be able to go there till the weekend
    by the way,do you know the price for 226?
  4. $2695 for sz 226.
  5. I think you can just call them and they will send it to you. Just give them your credit card over the phone. Saks can send it from anywhere in the country to you too. If you don't like it you can just return it to the store.

    Best of luck!
  6. thank you all!!!!!
  7. I just got mine yesterday. Good luck hunting down a dark silver 226
  8. where are u then?
  9. I believe Lisa Hamlin had the Silver in 226 cause she just called me about them....she's at NM - (248) 635-8442
  10. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!
    I have kept seeking the dark silver since they told me there's no more in paris
    but you know i m in china, i tried my best but it's so hardddddddd:sad:
  11. Two weeks ago there was one at the San Francisco Chanel boutique, you can try to give 'em a call.
  12. I am still seeking the bag, dying to buy it!
    Really need ur help and infro:woohoo:

  13. Only 226? What about 227 ?