Is it bad to have your goldfish and purse together?

  1. This might sound like an odd question..but latley I've been thinking about buying a glass case for my babies(purses) and while browsing through all the neat looking ones I happend to think about a friend that I visited many years ago that had her goldfish in a glassbowl in her glass case..and I was like wow, it looks awesome.

    And since my babies wouldn't fill the glass case I would still have to fill the blanks with something like candles or something else that would look pretty but then I was thinking...HEY..maybe I should buy a fish and put in there too?

    But i'm not sure it would be good for the bags? I mean the smell and everything else that has to do with the fishy..

    Yah I know, this sounds crazy :sweatdrop:
  2. wow.. on first reading I thought that you wanted to put the purses in the water with the fish... but this does sound fun!

    don't you have to leave the top of a fish bowl off to let the air in?? I do think that it smells a bit 'fishy' around the bowl. If you like kitsch - you could get some rubber ones for your installation - and decorate them really funkilly (with logos etc..)
  3. Cute idea, but I would worry about moisture and smell affecting the purses. Even if you clean them all the time, fish bowls don't smell pretty in closed spaces.
  4. Oh you guys just gave me the best idea! Ill just buy a goldfish bowl, stones, decorate it and buy fake fishys on a band of steel!(so they can "float") How does that sound?
    And yes it would probably smell :sad:
  5. Since your fishies will be faux, the water can be fragrant if you want to add a drop or two of essential oil.

    I think it is a great idea for a true purse fanatic who enjoys her fanaticism enough to laugh at it!
  6. It would be really cool - if the purses could be in a bowl within the bowl.. so the 'water life' is surrounding the bowl that the purses are in - so on first site it would look like you are storing the purses in water (although you won't able to see them so clearly because of the water refraction etc - but it might make in even more interesting - with lighting and weird shapes.

    Please definitely post pics - if you complete the project...

    Oh and i definitely love the scented water idea
  7. I'm gonna try my very best :p It might take a while though >_<
  8. Everyones gone bonkers!!!!:girlsigh:
  9. This seems like a much more sensible idea. :yes: Sounds like a fun project! A lot cleaner too and your bags won't get wet or smelly. Plus, you wouldn't want your fish jumping out of the bowl and into one of your bags.