Is It A Fake ???!!!

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  1. I have just won my first ebay auction. It was an 'authentic' Chloe Paddinton in Beige. After reading all these posts, i am certain it is a fake, as the winning price was only $214 AU.

    Could someone please check out this url and tell me whether i should be freaking out? eBay Australia: Beige Off White Chloe Paddington Auth Leather hand bag (item 260048213982, end time 05-Nov-06 21:07:42 AEDST)

    The seller has 100% positive feedback and has many similar bags for sale on ebay. Please let me know ASAP as i am in discussion with her now.
  2. Hey hun,
    you should post this in the "Chloe Authentication thread" :smile:
    An authentic Chloe bag costs around $1800 - $2600... I'm pretty sure you've been scammed :sad: Sorry~~
  3. please go to Authentic thread under the shopping board..

    i am sorry but this is def. a fake, the leather is too stiff, lock is too shiny...etc
    please dont buy it :wtf:
  4. Welcome to the PF!! sorry, the bag is fake and a realllllly bad fake too.
  5. Agreeing with others, it's a fake.... There are some authentic ones on ebay now with a bit lower prices than the retail so keep on searching and authenticate them before buying :yes:
  6. Thank you for that!

    Seems like she is be scammed herself, she told me that according to her italian supplier they are authentic, as she receives an invoice from Chloe with the order.

    I have just had a look at the genuine authentic bags and realise how fake mine was! Thank you so much, that would have been a bad mistake :smile:
Thread Status:
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