Is it a disgrace?

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  1. I am a very overweight woman on the constant journey to lose a ton of weight. I have looked into the Gastric Bypass surgery and plan on having it someday, but can't for now because of insurance companies. (My husband and I will eventually pay for it ourselves, but we are getting some other things paid off first)
    I certainly can't by anything fashionable clothing wise, AND I wear a size 12 shoe (which unfortunately will never change no matter how much weight I have lost). So here I am, a large and in charge woman, but with frumpy clothes and ugly shoes.
    My question you guys and gals thing it is a disgrace to the designer for someone like myself to carry designer bags? Purses are the only thing that fit everyone, and I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wonder what you all would think if you saw someone like me with my designer bag on my arm or shoulder (besides lose some weight you fat a@#)
  2. Are you serious?? Of course designer dags are for everyone. I would'nt think anything besides "great bag, sister".
    I have had weight issues in the past and nothing made me feel better than wearing basics that flattered me and utilizing great accessories- including bags!!!
  3. I know what you mean about the size 12 shoes! I am a 10 sometimes 11, and no matter if I lose weight or not, that will NEVER change. We are all made differently, but there is no problem embracing yourself and sporting a beautiful bag!!
  4. I think it is irrelevant what size a woman is... If she has a genuine love and respect for designer handbags why should her size be an issue.

    Keep enjoying your beautiful bags & good luck, should you decide to have your surgery.
  5. Girl please, I've never thought that--I don't think anybody else does either. Nobody is perfect we all have our issues. We have to find satisfaction somehow to make ourselves feel good--being a pair of shoes, a nice outfit or a great bag.

    Good luck with the surgery.
  6. Wow !!
    . I would think it would be more of a disgrace for one to think that you should not carry the bag of your choice because of the way you look. What would i say if I saw you with a hot designer bag ? "THAT LADY HAS GREAT TASTE"!!
    Please try not to be so hard on yourself.
  7. Of course not!!!! I truly believe that anything we can do that helps us feel better about ourselves and improves our self-esteem (whether it's investing in clothes that fit or nice shoes or handbags or a good haircut or taking a tai chi class) will help us make other positive changes in our lives.

    It sounds like you might be judging yourself very harshly. As someone who has been there, I've found that beating up on myself only makes positive change more difficult. Please try to be kind to yourself, and if that takes the form of a designer bag you love, then go for it!

    And I agree with what everyone else has first reaction would probably be "nice handbag!!!"
  8. No, I don't think it's a "disgrace". If you like the bag, by all means, go ahead and buy it. Enjoy the bag!
  9. I agree :biggrin: It would be a disgrace for you not to wear a designer bag you like! There is no need to feel that way. If you likethe bag, buy it, and wear it with pride :nuts:
  10. I say go for the bag! It is not a disgrace. I actually had Gastric Bypass last July. Before that I have always had a fetish for shoes, jewelry and bags. It was the only thing I could look forward to. They always fit and I felt pretty in them. Get rid of the frump. Ya know, even after the gastric bypass, when you think that solves all of your problems, you will still find fault in yourself. I am smaller now that when I was in high school but because of the weight loss and age, the boobs headed south, the belly skin, arms, neck...I could go on and on. But if you have something that people will envy, like a great new bag, that is all they will remember...your good taste!

    Buy it, buy it!:biggrin: ...Jacquee
  11. OMGosh! PLEASE erase that thought from your brain! Of course you can and should carry any bag you love!
    A disgrace? Absolutely not!
  12. ^^^ita!!!
  13. I think a designer would be proud to see their bag on ANY WOMAN! It does not matter what size a woman is- OMG- please do not think that way!!!! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!!! We can't all look like Heidi Klum for goodness sake- and nor should we- how boring!
  14. You all are wonderful! Thank you so much. I am really working on my lack of self esteem. It may sound shallow, but nice handbags have always made me feel better about myself. I have just alway wondered what others though.
    Now I REALLY NEED a new purse fix. I have my eye on several Chanels and LVs.
    My husband says this forum has created a monster...I think I may agree with him.
  15. Thats because you happen to have great taste, so if your going to spend any time wondering what other people think ? why carnt they be thinking she has great taste ?

    Welcome to the forum.