Is Getting Pregnant the IT Thing Nowadays?

  1. It seem's that most of the 16, 17, and 18 year old's at my school are pregnant. I find it repulsive to see all these girl's just basically throwing out their lives. If they don't want to be abstinent then why not just use a condom which is readily available.:cursing:
    What is your opinion about underage pregnancy?
  2. I think most 16 17 and 18 year olds are not mature enough emotionally and financially to support a baby. Perhaps they think it is exciting or "all the celebs are doing" but you can't take a baby back to the pet store if you know what I mean.
  3. underage pregnancy? I wasn't aware there was *an* age to get pregnant at :confused1:

    Now days its crazy!! Personally I wouldn't want to start a family with the way things in the world are going. Never mind adding to that being a teenager and not completing my high school education.

    I think that maybe some if it is home life and not being happy there and maybe some of these kids think that is the way out.
    Personally I think schools need to make it part of the education to start parenting classes in grade 8. It also has to carry on at home, and what that isn't there trouble beings.

    My g/f's daughter had to take parenting class in high school where they send you home with a doll that acts like newborn. you have to take care if just like it was an actual baby. it has a recorder in it, and if its disconnected they can tell. I think its a great idea but in grade 11 its too late sometimes. I think that if some of these kids had to take this class and could see how much work it really is they might not make the choice they did.
  4. :wtf: Most of them are pregnant??? Are you serious? Sorry, that just boggles my mind!
  5. I think that many parents are too busy nowadays to teach their children these things. It's sad, but there are a lot of parents who work crazy hours to make ends meet, and in the end, the kids don't get a lot of time with mom and dad to have these discussions.
    My other observation is that the media is pressuring kids to grow up faster.
    It's sad, but the reality is that most of the children of these teens will either be given up for adoption, left in an orphanage, or be raised by those teen's parents (the grandparents) who probably don't have time for them either. I don't like this trend...
  6. Oops, I meant teen pregnancy.:flowers:
  7. Babies--the new must-have accessory! Sorry, that's not funny. But doesn't it seem that way? I don't get it. I would never ever have considered it when I was a teenager many moons ago. Having sex with a boy(or man) won't make him love you, and having a baby won't make him stay. A lesson learned too late for many. The ones I really feel sorry for are the babies.
  8. About 45% of the girls at my school are pregnant. I just find that to be extremely upsetting, keep in mind im only 16 but I have been taught better.
  9. There is definately a growing trend to dress much older and sexier than you should be at a younger age. Look at what these young girls have to look up to!!! It's pretty sad. They just don't know what they're doing, nor the consequences.
  10. Its sad. I feel worst for the babies. Its my opinion that 16 is entirely too young to be a parent. How are you supposed to raise a child when you are just a child yourself? So so so sad...
  11. Where do you go to school, what city?
  12. I think teen pregnancies are horrible, I just graduated high school this past june and I noticed that two girls in my senior class were pregnant...however they did graduate high school, so that's good for them.I read awhile ago that teens who get pregnant almost always drop out of school and therefore make $200,000 less than a high school graduate.And the sad thing about early teen moms is that they lose out on so much oppurtunities.:sad:
  13. ...yikes, I thought this was a celebrity-related post! In general, teens are far too young to be parents, from an emotional maturity standpoint.
  14. That percentage seems very high. Sorry, I just find it difficult to believe.
  15. This is sadly disturbing. HS kids are way too young to get pregnant and take care of babies on top of their school loads. I think Hollywood is partially to be blamed. Everytime you open a celebrity magazine, it's always about someone getting pregnant and how that celeb still looks good despite her big stomach.