Is damier Sophie all out??

  1. Hi! I'm a newbie from Los Angeles and trying to get a damier Sophie :heart:... is it too late to place an order for this bag? Does any local store accept orders for Sophie or do I have to contact the stores in Hawaii??

    Thanks :yes:
  2. There are some on eBay... I think they are gone from the stores. They are a limited edition.
  3. Oh.... :sad:

    Thank you*
  4. Or keep an eye out on for one.
  5. yes, eBay would probably be your best bet. i was on the waitlist for one, but it was sold out before they even got to my name, so now i have to get it from eBay too :crybaby:
  6. people on ebay are asking for too much $$$ and they aren't selling....should be easy to get one if you don't mind paying a little extra
  7. How about japan? Have they launch it there yet?
  8. what's the retail price in stores so I know how much I should go if I get it from ebay?
  9. I believe the retail for the Damier Sophie was $400 (not including tax).

    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Yes, $418 (tax included).

    Ebay usually sells for $150+ above retail, especially since this is so limited. Another option might be Japan or Saipan but not sure to much about when it will/did start selling.
  11. I got mine off ebay for 564.00. I knew if I really wanted one I was going to have to pay over retail. But i got it :yahoo:.