Is Damier Azure Blue???

  1. I found some pics, but it looks grey, is it really a pale blue? If so, I'm putting my name down for a zippy organizer... thanks for helping...:yes:
  2. grey and Cream. Sorry for the post... I searched and found all the info.
  3. This is one of those we all need to see with our own eyes. It could be blueish-grey.
  4. i hope its blueish gray! i think that would make a nicer combo with the cream!
  5. Oh man. I love the look but I would be psycho paranoid freak about getting it dirty.
  6. Just talked to my SA and put my name on the list for the zippy organizer. She says that it's a blue grey, but online looks grey, in the xeroxes she's seen of it, it IS bluish and not completely grey... I guess I need a meeting.. slated November 1, and not October, what she told me....
  7. from what ive been told is that they are a light blue that shows grey when photographed.
  8. I thought it was grey. I prefer bluish grey to just grey so that's good.