Is Damier Azur collection limited? or seasonal?

  1. Does this collection kind of seasonal or limited or it will be permanent?
  2. permanent..
  3. I asked my SA this question today. She said it was to be permanent, but permanent could be one year?? I don't know what she meant by this. Isn't permanent forever, or did I miss something? :confused1:
  4. ^ I assumed it's permanent like mono and damier..otherwise they call it seasonal..

    you are right permanent is forever..
  5. permanent suppose to be forever ( or at least a few years) , I asked my sales a few months ago she told me it is one season..

  6. Maybe she thinks the line might be discontinued in the future if it doesn't sell well!?! :shrugs: If so, I don't think that will be a problem with as popular as it is! :yes:
  7. I have heard it was permanent as well:smile:
  8. Permanent, except the cabas...those are 'one shots' 500 pieces each and then they will be gone!
  9. I heard the same thing as twinkle.tink :smile:
  10. Really? I thought it wasn't, maybe it's because I am not really into the Azur. Last I heard it was seasonal.
  11. I've also heard that it was permanent... :shrugs:
  12. i thought it was permanent. :yes:
  13. I heard permanent except for a few items that are one shot pieces. At least that's what the look book pages said.
  14. My SA said it permanent!!!
  15. I've heard it was permanent with the exception of a few pieces.