Is cozy purse a LE ?

  1. Hello gals. I search the Louis vuitton website ( but can't seems to find cozy purse. However i've seen it at E-luxury.

    May i ask if it's a LE that's why i can't find it in the main website? Is it still selling in stores? Thank you!! :heart:
  2. No I dont think it is LE and should be available in stores, have you tried the french site or elux ?. Maybe the site that you are looking at has not been updated :smile:
  3. Yes i can find it at E-lux, but can't find it at the French site for That's why am puzzled. ;)
  4. wow you're right its not on odd!
  5. yeah it's not on, when I ordered it I had to direct the lady on the phone taking my order to elux so she knows what I was talking about...weird huh
  6. a lot of LV stuff isn't on their site still... its stupid

    but its not going any where ;)
  7. So true, not all the sunnies are on there.
  8. It is still around.
  9. Yup, I agree with everyone else the Cozy is not going anywhere so far.

    There are quite a few items that are not on the vuitton site that are still in production.
  10. i do not think it is LE.. but somehow i have no idea why it is not on the LV website too :confused1:
  11. I must say that I am quite unimpressed with LV's cyber-presence.
  12. I can't figure out the LV website...
    some things that are no longer available are on there and some other things that are aren't