Is Celine still popular?

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  1. I have a nano in black and white STILL get compliments.Yes it's no longer in trend but those who KNOW know.Why not like a peekaboo or sac de jour?that wont go out of style
  2. I think the bag looks dated to people who actually follow fashion (like a lot of the ladies here). To the person who does not pay close attention to trends, they will see a high-quality (possibly) expensive looking leather handbag. I have a dark brown mini and I just purchased one in Souris. I went into Celine in Barcelona over the weekend and fell in love with the Souris, but couldn't justify spending the retail price on it; not because I didn't think it was worth it, but because I knew I'd find it for a LOT less on VC or other similar sites.

    The bag feels heavy, yes, but so luxurious. I love mine and find myself reaching for it time and time again for work, airport hang luggage and day trips. You won't regret buying it if you get it pre-loved for 40-50% off!
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  3. Agree! I have a few of the recent 'it' bags, but theres something about a Celine which exudes class and elegance.
  4. "In style?" Girl, buy what you love and what works for you, not whats in style. I just got on board with the Celine Trio bag and am sorry I did not take notice of it until now. Is it still in style - don't know or care, but I will tell you its functional, lightweight, classy and I am in "ain't wearing no bag weighing much as a baby" heaven. Besides if you keep something long enough, trust me it will come back in style some day. Good luck!
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