Is Celine still popular?

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  1. I’ve had my eye on a Celine Micro luggage black bag for a long time, I love the shape & size. But are they still in fashion? I want a large-ish black bag for work etc & to use in the airport, that goes with everyone, and I think the celine bag does, but the only issue I’m having is do they hold their value / are they still in fashion?

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  2. They don't hold their value, they never really have though, so it's got nothing to do with the bag not being in style anymore. They just never really did well on the re-sale market.

    I personally think it's an iconic shape of bag and I still love mine
  3. Thank you! I’m just not sure how I feel about spending £2000 on a bag that isn’t really “in style” anymore or does that not matter because I love the bag? Hmm
  4. It’s a black tote with two handles... I don’t think it can really look dated. It’s a classic shape with very little branding. You are safe.
  5. It's a classic. Most black totes are. Buy what you love!

    Also, designer purses have never really held any resale value - with exceptions for highly sought after LE stuff - eg. Supreme x LV line, and maaaaaaybe Birkins and Kellys.
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    I don't agree with this... I think it's everything else than "just a black tote". It's a very distinctive design, that is very strongly associated with a specific era of time. I, of course, cannot foretell if it will be seen as a classic in years to come, but I think most likely not. I personally think that it, with time, will start looking very dated due to it's peculiar design. As a bag can be both iconic, which the luggage probably would be categorised as, and dated at the same time, I think that the luggage line might face the same destiny as, say, the Paddington, meaning that "everyone" recognizes it but it looks "old".

    With that said, I am still considering adding a nano luggage to my collection! :smile:
  7. :biggrin:Are you venturing into Céline?
  8. Although I agree you should buy what you like, I do think this looks dated. Since Phoebe Philo no longer designs for Celine, I think this will be seen as an old style as Celine goes in a different direction. It is the same with Balenciaga, for example. It has been rumored that the City bag will be phased out as more people are liking their newer designs (not me, but that's a different story, LOL).

    If I wanted a basic black bag for work and travel, I would go with a non-distinctive style if I wanted it to always be in fashion. Many designers make beautiful black bags. I believe the Saint Laurent totes are very popular now.

    If you search for which bags truly maintain most of their value and are always in style, it is still the big three - Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
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    I joined Celine hype way too late and when i realised I didn't need as many bags (various reasons, mostly practical) I sold almost new Celine's at a major loss (50%+). and people wanted them at 30% of the original price (we're talking very good/exceptional condition, with receipt).Deffo buy preloved. I switched to Hermes. The one i really loved was the Box bag but the leather/strap drove me nuts and had to buy comparable bag and let go the Celine (style, not THE LOOKS pochette metis in noir).
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  10. I would definitely purchase this particular bag preloved. I personally think it looks dated which is why I would not pay full price for it. I know everyone thinks differently and has his/her own opinions, but in my opinion I think the most iconic and classic bag for Celine is the Box bag. Now this is an expensive that you can also find for almost half off in the preloved market.
    As Cbarrus mentioned, the big three at the moment are Hermes, Chanel, and LV with equal or high resale value. If you are not interested in resale value or looking to sell, I would buy what your heart desires. If you are worried about it, then buy preloved. GL.
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  11. If you love it, buy it. Dated? It been around for a long time, but its a very nice bag. Its a classic.
    I would rather have that bag now when not so many people are using it then before when "everybody" had it, i get more awkward if im out on the town and every other person is having the same bag as myself....
  12. I think it is still very popular.
  13. I am surprised this bag has lasted so long. I always thought it would date sooner. I know it was her first success but to me it is the least Philo of Phoebe designs. So, who knows? It is still popular and relevant now.
    As for holding its value, very few bags do, there is the usual Big 3 suspects (classic flap, Birkin, Neverfull...) and little else.
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  14. Louis Vuitton hardly retains its value - except maybe hard to get ones (Metis, Palm Springs mini etc.) or LEs. And Chanel only because they're constantly increasing prices on the brand new bags, unless people are okay with paying Hermes prices for them one day, that trend will not continue. And once in store prices stabilize, then the resale value will drop as well.

    Of all the designer brands, the only one that retains actual monetary value is Hermes. That's why no one "invests" in handbags.

    Buy what you love and enjoy it, like cars...they all depreciate in value.
  15. I like Céline but I think the Luggage starts to look dated. It was the it-bag of an era... but it's so classy. Maybe you should buy it preloved ?