Is Celine still popular?

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  1. I think this bag is dated. I agree that if you love it, you should buy preowned.
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  2. The luggage has always looked dated to me since I started paying attention to Celine pretty late. I think the nano in certain colours look cute. This along with the trapeze appear very frequently on the second hand market. I agree with the comment that there is a lot of really nice black tote bags, I bought the saint laurent shopping tote bag and loved it but it's a little too plain :/ Maybe the nano luggage in black?
  3. I would not get the luggage as an everyday tote bag first of all! It’s heavy and you put a few items in it? Heavier. Also agree it’s looking dated. But if you love it, get it. I have the luggage and for the longest time, wanted the nano version and never got it. Big regret and finally pulled trigger years later. One could say it’s not in style anymore but if you love it...
  4. I too have been thinking about getting the Micro luggage for a work bag. Like you, I have considered whether it’s no longer in style and/or looks dated, and if so, do I really care?
    I’ve found that I love the style, even though it’s perhaps a bit over-designed. I like that it’s no longer as ubiqutous (although, in my circles it never was), but it bothers me a bit that people may be thinking that I’m jumping the bandwagon too late. I know it shouldn’t bother me, but there’s a nagging feeling of not being in the know.
    I still haven’t decided, though. I have fallen in love with a dark wine version so who knows? ;)
    As for preloved micros, I haven’t come across many in the great condition I’d like or a colour I love so it might just have to be a brand new one for me.
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  5. I love this comment and I couldn’t agree / relate more! I’m really stuck as to what to do! I need a large-ish black bag, (gold hardware preferably if any hardware), I can use in the airport / to work that comfortably fits lots inside. But it is that nagging feeling that is this bag too dated! Argh, anymore suggestions on any black bags? I’ve seen a lot of people mentioned saint laurent.
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  6. I’m going to look into buying one pre loved, thank you so much all for your advice!
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  7. I see a ton of LV and Chanel being carried on a daily basis where I am. Whenever I see a Celine luggage I always catch myself internally saying "great taste!" It's an absolute classic for me and it is stunning imo. I actually prefer the Dune/Beige over Black though.
  8. Celine do have a lot of other bags that are nice and black-ish.
    Different kinds of Big bag (i loooove the medium size, someday i will buy that one!)
    Different sizes of Belt bag
    Does Sangle come in black?
    Cabas Phantom in two sizes

    Maybe those could be something for you?
  9. Ladies, I’ve found a celine bag preloved online, she is only 20 miles away from me so she said I can collect meaning I can view in person. It looks inmaculate condition and she says it’s barely been out of the dust bag. She wants £1350 for it, £700 saving, I have seen others online for around £1000 but you can tell the handles are bent & there are scratches on the leather. Do you think this is a good price? Thank you everyone for your fantastic advice, I’m glad I’ve looked at preowned first.
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  10. Make sure to get it authenticated before you purchase
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  11. I actually have always thought Celine luggage held its value pretty well compared to other bags. It’s discounted maybe 30% vs other bags that are 50% or more. Even LV leather can take a major hit. I love the luggage. It screams class to me, especially in good condition. This seems fair if she barely used it. How’d it go? Did you love it?
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  12. How about the Fendi Peekaboo? If you're okay with something less structured, you can also consider the Goyard St. Louis or Artois.
  13. I got the big bag in the smallest size : so versatile and classy ! I wear it on a regular basis at work and still not rid of it. Hope you'll make it to own one someday :smile:
  14. Completely agree with this. I go between SF and Cupertino. LV, Chanel, Goyard, Gucci disco's are a dime a dozen. But any Celine, even a "dated" luggage style, will still turn my head and get a compliment out of me.
  15. I agree that it looks dated - it's a tote but a distinctive looking one. I think the trio is a bit more timeless.
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