Is Black Patent Betty too "old" for 28 year old?

  1. Am I getting a bag for a more older woman? Should I stick with basic
    black leather? What do you women think?:supacool:
  2. Honestely, I not too fond of pat. leather, but I do love all basic blacks.
  3. I think that patent leather looks young! I am 25 and am really into all of the patent leather stuff right now. Unfortunately, I do think that it has a tendency to look dated when it isn't "in". I am dying for a patent leather Jimmy Choo Ramona in the Bordeaux color but don't want to invest that amount of money in a bag that might not look as fabulous to me in a couple years. If you LOVE the patent leather and don't care if it is in or out I say go for it!! There is something about patent leather that is just so tempting . . . it would also look fab for going out at night IMO.
  4. Honestly, when I think of patent leather I think of the little mary jane shoes I use to have as a little girl that little girls today still the last think I think of is old........
  5. I have asked myself that same question at one time and I think that as long as you do patent leather in a youthful style, you avoid the older look. For example, a classic Chanel tote in patent leather would look more classical than a Silverado in patent leather. Given that the Betty is a funky style in my opinion, I think you are safe. A lot also depends on what you wear your bag with. A patent Betty with a Chanel tweed suit will look different from a patent Betty with skinny jeans, a funky top and knee-high stiletto boots, you know?
  6. I have the larger black patent Betty and I absolutely love this bag. I don't think that it is "old" looking. I carry it most of the time - it is my "it" bag of the moment. I do have to admit that I have a penchant for patent leather bags. I have attached some pics to show you.
    patent 001.JPG patent 002.JPG patent 004.JPG
  7. When I think of the patent black betty, I think "young" and "hip". It's funny how different styles conjure up different thoughts in people.
  8. It's whatever you feel comfortable carrying. Patent is for all ages!
  9. Ditto!! Plus patent (which on this bag is soft patent) was in for spring, and now fall .. and won't look dated even when it is not the 'HOT ticket' anymore. Patent is classic and on this bag, makes it look a bit edgier. Love the pic of your bag Bark! You look great.
  10. totally agree!!
  11. Have you decided to go for it? :graucho:
  12. oh I hope she has. I like the black patent Betty, alot :biggrin:
  13. ^^^ Have faith; we are enablers... :angel:
  14. Ditto! I am 25 and think patent is young and hip. Also, it's different. Go for it! :wlae:

  15. Same here! :yes:

    I don't think it's old.

    Hard (or harder than regular calf leather) and only occasionally fashionable? Yes.

    Old? No!!! :biggrin: