Is black nail polish still in for spring/summer?

  1. I live in Miami, not one of the best places to wear all the cool winter styles, but everyone here wore black/dark burgandy nail polish this past winter (including me).

    Since about feb, I switched to the pinks and orange colors, but I still miss having dark dark nails. I recently saw LiLo with it on, and she's in LA/New York. Do you think it's still ok to wear here?
  2. i wouldn't unless you're making a goth statement.
  3. I think the VAMP color etc... could be great with the mod black&white trend that's happening now, but only just for a night-out or so.
  4. most people are probably going to tell you no, but pssssst....I still wear it.
  5. I don't like her black nail polish. I would consider it during the winter months (never black but very dark red, or very dark brown). Plus her nails are always so disgustingly chipped with that black nail polish. I would say NO NO NO.
  6. I'd wear dark reds in the winter, I think the black doesn't do so well in the more conservative D.C. atmosphere though.
  7. I love the black nail polish and I wear it all year long, no matter what.
  8. frlom a fashionable stnad point, I don't think sopersonally.
    But if it's a personal statement and you can keep it completely immaculate I think it's fine.

    Like, if you wear hot pink tanks and white shorts. . . maybe it'll look too harsh. If you're apunk/goth kind of chick and you dress that way, you can pull it off! KWIM?
    I couldn't pull it off in the summer personally, it would look out of place on me based on my summer attire.
  9. I wear black polish all year round it fits with my style.
  10. I've seen people wear it still and they don't look goth with it.
  11. I think it looks like Dior John Galliano Couture haha with the gothic theme
    but i like it.
  12. I used to wear it around Christmas time last year I think. Except I never went with pure black, I went with a deep plum/purple. It really looks good if you do it the right way and keep your nails shorter because it looks hideous if you have long nails.
  13. I love black pedicures! So rocker-chic!
  14. I think black nail polish looks good if you're NOT goth.