Is "Beverly" limited edition

  1. A friend of mine just told me that the Beverly is just a limited edition, can anyone confirm this to me? I thought it was just a new model if not I better start saving quickly before it sells out :sad:
  2. XXL Beverly is a LE for sure.
  3. Is the Beverly GM LE too?
  4. The XXL size one is LE but the rest are permanent additions to the monogram line. They look great don't they? The smallest one is really cute but can't fit much.
  5. Thanks a lot miss_fleur, I was getting nervous I would have to break open the piggy bank asap :p

  6. ^ No probs, I know the feeling (experiencing it with pomme atm). You'll have to post pics when you get it :graucho:
  7. Yes, it is the cutest thing but you're right it's way too small for me. I got the MM which is much larger and still maintains the pleating which adds so much to the style. I really like this bag as it fits perfectly as a shoulder bag and a hand held bag and it's not so big that I had to "dig" for stuff in the bottom of the bag. Hope it's here to stay and not a LE
  8. It couldn't fit my pochette wallet inside that's for sure! I totally agree, the pleating is what makes it so nice. My SA modeled the bigger sized one and it looks great as an oversized bag as well. I'm glad to know you're liking it :yes:

  9. I was told the same thing.
  10. :yes: only the XXL is limited
  11. Only the Beverly XXL... the rest are permanent! :yes:
  12. the MM is growing on me...glad to hear only XXL is LE.
  13. ^^ I hear you there