Is BBag Resale Value Always on Your Mind??

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Is resale value always on your mind???

  1. Yes, this is a top concern with every bbag purchase I make

  2. Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't

  3. No way, I buy them to keep them!

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  1. Is the resale value of your newly purchased (pre-loved or NWT) bbag *always* on your mind??? Or is it just me???

    I can't remember the exact moment when I the first thought in my mind after "ooo I want that" was "but can I re-sell it later"????

    But it's stuck there now.

    And sometimes I think this ruins the fun of getting a new bag for me.:sad:

    Does this happen to anyone else anyone???
  2. Because of limited funds (I'm a student) I'm not a 'collector' of bbags, and I only own one, and right now I'm shopping for a bal wallet. I intend to keep both. I came to the decision to buy them based on the fact that i'm head over heels for my Ink first, and I don't even own a wallet yet! So they're keepers, and I don't think they will get sold anytime in the near future, if at all. So perhaps I don't fit into the demographic of ppl you directed this post at, but that's my 2 cents anyways!
  3. You have a bbag- I totally think you fit!!! :yes:

    I am glad to hear that you are enjoying bbag without reserve. That is good to hear.

    I love mine, but I am always thinking, "but can I sell it if I need to or find something I want more later???" :death: It just takes some of the joy out, sigh.
  4. absolutely I think about resale value - I'm terribly fickle :rolleyes: and can't afford a ton of bbags - so I change my mind alot about what I want/need. I'm coming up on a year on tPF, which doesn't help (or hurt, depending hee), and my hubby has finally asked me point blank if there's any way I can hold onto the same bags for 6 months. I said, "Is this a request?" - because if not, No. :P
  5. LOL!!!

    My DH is the same way!!

    He collects stuff too and would never ever consider selling his pieces. He thinks I am batty that I turn mine over so fast :rolleyes:
  6. It depends on the bag, if it is a trendy color or gh ( I am MORE of an rh girl) I will think about resale value. If it is something like the Ultimate Black City (which I own) then that is not a thought, I won't part with certain bags, others I am seriously fickle so they could hit the chopping block at any time.
  7. ^^ when i 1st started collecting, i would have said "no"...but it's taken me 1 & 1/2 years to figure out what works for me...there are so many colors, leathers & styles to choose from...and when b-bags are $1K a pop, that's not play of the reasons why i don't waste much time on other brands, is that i know that if i buy wisely, i can always sell my b-bags if i need to & make at least 1/2 back...i've taken alot of losses selling many of my b-bags (many of them BNWT), but they've still got better resale value than most cars :okay:
  8. I don't have an unlimited income, so when I buy a Bal bag, it has to be one that I love because when I spend that kind of money, I plan on keeping it for a long, long time.

    Bottom line: I buy to keep.

    Of course, something better will ALWAYS come along...that's life.

    But honestly, re-selling the bag doesn't enter my mind. And if I'm unhappy with my purchase, back it goes.
  9. AMEN!!!

    Years ago before the stock market tanked my friends were giving me grief for wanting to sell stock to buy a BMW.

    Six months later the stock took a HUGE DIVE and the resale value on my car was literally more than that of the stock :Push:

    I could only WISH I had sold stock to buy it!

  10. The only thing my DH collects is his money, and he doesn't like to part with any of it. He politely lets me do the fashion thing, but my addiction to Balenciaga is enough for him to put them all up for sell!
  11. LOL

    Like DH's everywhere - they want us to be happy -- with CHEAP bags :P:P:P

  12. For the most part that isn't an issue for me. I buy my bags with every intention of keeping them forever, but realistically some of them work out and some of them don't. I've certainly sold and traded plenty of Bbags in the past but there aren't any right now that I would let go of unless I really had to for an emergency.

    Sometimes when I think about how many of these bags I own (12 not counting accessories!) it seems insane and I try to tell myself that I should slim down the collection, but in the end I use every single one of them, so the argument with myself always ends with a promise to only buy the '08 Turquoise I'm on the list for and a Grenat Twiggy if it comes along and not let myself get talked into others by great prices. Each season I get more selective about what I want because I already have so much.

    I'd never NOT buy a colour that I really want because I was afraid it might not resell in the future for an acceptable price. I'm buying it for me to love right now, so it doesn't matter to me whether it's a popular colour that will be in demand if I try to resell it. I invest in stocks, not Bbags - Bbags are a hobby/habit, not an investment for me.

    Sorry to rant hmwe - just trying to express myself clearly. :shame:

  13. LOL I guess reading this I should clarify that I buy FOREIGN stocks right now as an investment. ;)
  14. LOL!!

    I love your attitude Chesh!! :heart:

    I am striving to be the same way, but it's hard. My brain just keeps catching on "can I resell it for close to what I paid?" :Push:

    My collection is wonderful right now and I feel lucky to have the bags I do. But I would sell them all in a heartbeat if I needed to. :yes:

    [ok, I might try and hide my 05 black city :sneaky:]

    I too have limited funds. And use all the bags in my collection. :tup:
  15. I try to add to my collection carefully (That is why I started the thread about the 07 Tomato City w/GSH) and am concerned with longevity. I have thought about selling some bags in the past, but I have never done it. I must admit that I do look at bags now and think: How long will I carry this? Some bags I know I will still be carrying when I'm 80, others I know are trendy an may not stand the test of time. I would say that the possible resale value on a bag makes up about 20% of my decision making process. I do factor it in, but it doesn't make or break the buy decision.