Is anyone NOT a fan of the Duchessa leather?

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  1. I purchased a Duchessa boston bag from BG recently, and I understand it is napa leather, but the grain is so smooth that it seems almost plasticky to me. Does any one else feel this way? I like it; it is very well constructed, but I suppose I'd like the leather to be a tad bit thicker with some visible grain. Would a black Princy have been a better choice for me? Thanks!
  2. i think the duchessa bags have a patent type cover over their i have the duchessa monogram and it looks like a patent leather canvas bag

    btw it's called gg crystal i think
  3. Thank you, I know which Duchessa version you are referring to, but mine is the all leather version:

  4. haha yeah i know...i was just saying i think the duchessas are all treated with the crystal stuff...that makes them shiny ;)

    normal gucci leather/suade bags are NOT shiny and they do NOT have that least all of the ones i own and have ever seen do not
  5. i have a duchessa boston in the brown and i guess it was an impulse buy and i never got a chance to use it because of the weather but when i finally got to last month i was scared to use it cause it felt so delicate. and i agree with you about the plasticky feel. i've seen the prada bags with the nappa leather and they feel just as soft but somehow a lot thicker? i have a princy hobo in the leather too and i love it cause it withstands my beatings haha so if you're not comfortable just exchange it.
  6. Thanks, baybeesuga! Glad to know I'm no the only one who feels this way! Maybe a Princy would be better for me...

  7. I've seen those bags at the store but I tried on the hobo one and the leather was very very thin.
  8. I got the hobo during the last sale and have only carrried it twice (it is too high maintenance). I got caught in the rain with it unexpectedly the first time I carried it and it left little water spots. I had to treat the leather a couple of time with Bally milk lotion to get them out. I regret buying the bag, plus the hobo it is not as cute as the boston version.