Is anyone having trouble printing labels in the last 2 days...

  1. ...on Pay Pal? I called Pay Pal and I got some chick who barely spoke English and just kept saying...Actually, I am not even sure what she was saying....LOL.
  2. Do you mean postage? I've just printed 6 off with no problem
  3. Are you serious? I have been trying to do one since Wednesday night and as soon as I hit print label, this screen pops up and says Paypal is not able to print labels at this time. When I called them, I was just told that it happens sometimes and I should take it to the post office. Thing is, I quote my shipping based on the reduced cost of going through PP. I am so fed up with Pay pal this week!
  4. Is it for one particular parcel or for all? I find certain countries just don't work with Paypal postage and I've absolutely no idea why??!!
  5. It was just for one package. I had printed about 5 or 6 other ones and then went to do the last one and it wouldn't print. Thing is, it is a US address!

    I ended up just going to the USPS website, which was fine, it was just that I had to go through all the rigamarole of signing up for an account and all that. I just wasn't in the mood:smile:
  6. huh? Thats funny. I have printed a bunch off in the last few days with no problems. GL solving the issue.
  7. I just got an email from a seller I bought some turquoise from and she said she had problems printing the label as well.

    Must be a gremlin in the system, eh?
  8. Paypal shipping has hiccups all the time. Sometimes it just doesn't print priority labels, sometimes none at all. I always wait a few minutes and sign in again, and it usually works. Sometimes it takes an hour.
  9. I think Poopal is run by bloomin' gremlins let alone having some in the works!!