Is anyone else studying right now?

  1. I am taking an exam on may 30th...and I feel so demotivated to study....I am constantly making excuses and finding everthing else so much more exciting but studying....

    is anyone else studying right now...

    How are you keeping focused and motivated....any ideas / advice would help?
  2. I'm not studying any more,but I used to have similar issues! Usually the only thing that really got me focussed was sheer terror and time pressure LOL.

    Hmmm....I think,break down the work you need to cover into manageable sections for each day,so it doesn't seem so overwheleming all at once.

    And reward yourself for every small goal you finish!! Doesn't have to be an entire *handbag* each time ;) ,but a little treat like a phone call to a friend,walk on the beach,lipstick,etc etc!! I loved my rewards LOL.

    Good luck dear!!
  3. thanks quirkyCool... appreciate the advice...I am taking the CPA Exam.....yikes!!!!

    Is nie so lekker nie...hehehe
  4. hey ya!
    i'm thinking of ya! i still remember the days when i use to pull out my hair and just suddenly start crying!
    we're here for ya! chin up! AND i totally agree... once you've finished go buy a new bag!!!!!! you totally deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***hugs***
    i'm not studying anymore but i've applied for a Money Grant in hoping to get some MONEY do some part time study... I hope i get the Grant because my grey matter is turning to MUD... i need to do something!!!
  5. eeeeeeeeek......yup that is very enterpising :lol:. Ek sou ook bang wees!!! I'm sure you'll be fine though!!!
    What bag will you buy when it's over? :lol:

  6. bags for reward is my new baby.....on its way.....:heart:

    oh but of course the louis vuitton diaper bag...hehehehe
  7. Studying for an exam on June 3 (while working fulltime)... I shouldn't be here!
  8. Have an exam in 2 hours. Gave up studying last night around 11 PM. Have absolutely no motivation at all. I think it's because I'm in grad school and they hammer it into our heads that 'grades don't matter research matters'. So I figure to heck with the grades...and focus on my research.

    Good luck studying though....I feel your pain!!!!

    This semester was horrible for me.....cancer scare with hubby, trying to sell my house, bought a house...too much stuff! I NEED summer!
  9. I"m in count down mode

    ie three papers left
    two presentations
    one final

    until this semester of grad school is over

    and then two weeks later woho it's summer session
  10. aww, congrats gucci goo!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Ha ha studying?
    I should be.. My last exam is on the 12th June, so I've still got a way to go.. Currently writing a project on Industrial Organization.. Yuck yuck yuck..

    Add to that, I have just discovered PF, it's sunny in Scandinavia (which never happens), and I just got paid (internet shopping!)..

    So am I studying? Hee hee, nope..
  12. I do my B.A in economics beside my job at a night university and I can totally understand where you are coming from because I just have to study for my macro- and micro- economy exam and it's boring me to death because it's just about mathematical functions. I'm so happy when it's over but than the next one knocks on my door and this will go on for the next 2 years.
  13. yup, exams in the first 2 weeks of june, 7 papers... dying right now, so much to do, so little time... as usual... hang in there and think of all the fun stuff to do once exams are over! i will be the laziest person on this earth once my last paper is over!