Is anyone afraid of the paint INSIDE the cles?

  1. I had wanted to purchase the Groom Cles (yellow) to tuck my keys into so it wouldn't scratch up everything else in my bag.. i.e. my Groom compact wallet and any other wallets for that matter.. but I was afraid that my keys would scrape off the yellow inside the Cles. Does anyone know if this has a chance of happening?? :confused1:
  2. I've had the cles for a week and a half...nuthing yet...I don't think the yellow will scratch off....but I and a few others have had issues with the screen print on the outside scratching and blue specks appearing...
  3. I sent you back a PM!
  4. Thank you!!
  5. Haha prentice, u have had issues with the outside screen painting as well? Do u mind if I ask what? AND THE SPECKS! I thought I was the only one haha, its not blue, its the actual monogram canvas coming from underneath, I guess because the leather is "scaly" all 12 coats of paint dont get on every little millimeter, so some parts are more suseptible (No clue how 2 spell that) to TINY flakes (about the size of the tip of a needle right?)

    To answer kookie, I belive the leather is actually dyed, but I am not sure, I am almost 100% positive it is dyed, so It shouldnt be a problem, but again these items are meant to be used! Buy it and enjoy it!!!
  6. hmm.. i wonder would there be a problem of the 2 Groom cartoons rubbing against each other?? would that cause any problems??
  7. what do u mean? taking two cles' for example and rubing them together? probably if it happened over time the yes it would flake a bit, but I am seeing used cerises on ebay with like NO flaking still, so unless this is lower quality (which I am slightly curious about because prices seem to be getting higher and quality seems to be getting lower with LV as of late) than that line. If it stays for 6 months the way it is now (I'll have something else by then) I'll be happy.
  8. Though I get what you mean, somehow your sentence sounds a bit kinky... lol. :lol: :roflmfao: Oops, naughty me. :P :shame:

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    I didn't even notice that!!
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