Is a WOC a classic investment piece?

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  1. I have a black Chanel caviar medium/large bag with gold hardware and a black caviar gst.

    Should I get a wallet on a chain in black caviar with silver hardware? Or save up to buy a beige medium large?

    I want to have pieces at home that will stand the test of time and still be in fashion years later.
  2. I personally don’t think they fit enough. A mini is surprisingly roomy. If I were you I would invest in a mini!
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  3. Have you used a WOC before, or a similar size bag from another company? If not, I'd suggest going to a boutique and asking if they would allow you to "fill up" a WOC and see if your essentials fit it.

    I'm not sure how the old WOC is, but I think in the Boy or Timeless/Classic/quilted style, it should withstand fashion cycles.
  4. The WOC is a classic piece especially if you buy in a classic combination.
    But most importantly, it'll hv to fit your needs.
    It's really good for errands n maybe travel?
    It's not really a dress up bag so pairing with jeans or shorts definitely fits.
    The length is pretty long but if you are tall enough.. it'll work out well.
  5. I'm only 5 '2 so I'm not sure if the WOC would work great. I love cross body bags of any sort because I have 3 kids and generally need my hands. I just need to make sure my phone fits in there. :smile:

    It seems the mini's are hard to come by.
    I have a black medium caviar classic double flap bag with gold hardware.
    What would be a good addition in terms of color scheme?
  6. I absolutely love my WOCs. I would like to add a mini eventually but my wocs are actually my most used bags, and they seem to hold their value from what I’ve seen on resell markets too in the classic colour combos.

    My most used are my black and silver caviar classic and my black and silver camellia. I find myself having to think to put them away to give them a break and other bags a chance!
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  7. The length of WOC is about the same as MINI Rectangular. U can consider search for comparison via YouTube.
    It definitely can fit a phone.
    Cards × Cash x Change are definitely no problem. As long as your keys are not in bunches.. it'll be able to fit in comfortably as well together with a Gloss.
    If u prefer safe combinations.. then go Black / Red (caviar ) with your preferred hardware.
  8. I only use my WOC for concerts and shows where I don't want something bulky in my lap, because I've only now just accepted after years of denial that I need my daily bag to always hold 5 pounds of crap in it. I'm 5'2" and it hangs great on me on the shoulder or crossbody.

    You like black caviar w/ GHW a lot - are you looking to branch out or stick to what you like? I think the classic quilted WOC in black caviar retains a lot of its value and would go with your current collection. But also, for a smaller and (relatively) cheaper piece, you could go more bold in color or style?
  9. I got my 1st WOC since 6 months ago. And I used it once for traveling for few days & it was great, very simple & my phone samsung 9+ fits perfectly in the middle part. However it can’t fit much. My essential things like phone, 1 lipstick, 1 house key are fit good in there. My problem is more to the chain, I need to string like 10-15cm to get perfect length for me (I’m only 153cm). Overall I’m satisfied with WOC :smile:
  10. I think the WOC is definitely a classic. I love to pull mine out for going to dinner or just on a day when I don't need to carry much. I think it's an essential in every Chanel collection!
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  11. I like the WOC, think it will always be classic, and it hangs fine on me - I am only 5'1". But it holds very little - if you have a case on an iPhone X it's already almost full. It's not even practical for a long evening if you need to refresh makeup or carry an extra phone battery. Its use is for concerts, clubs, quick jaunts out, and depending on the leather, for running casual errands.
    Mine's soft lambskin and black HW so I consider it a club and concert bag only.

    I prefer the mini and if I could find a great one would trade up. But I think there is no question that this style has become a classic.
  12. To answer your question: they are not an investment piece but will still be in fashion years later.

    Save for the M/L
  13. I have 2 WOC. I use them all the time. I don’t put too much emphasis on what classic or trendy. I make my purchasing decisions based on if I’ll use the item enough to purchase it.
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