Is a Universal Remote a good gift?

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  1. It's for my brother's birthday. He likes electronic stuff. Do you think guys would like to get this as a gift, or is it too boring. He wants an iphone, but he's not getting one from me(he should have been nicer to me when we were growing up,Hee hee). Do any of you have a universal remote? If so, do you like it? TIA
  2. OMG, I LOVE my universal remote!!! It has seriously changed my life - he, he - I think he would love it. Get a gift receipt just in case it isn't the kind he wants or whatever, but they are AWESOME! I can control the satellite, radio, DVD player, TiVo, TV, all from one remote. And with the click of one button, "watch TV", all devices come on for watching TV, it's way cool, good gift!
  3. Oh great, thanks for your input. I think I'll probably end up getting him one.
  4. YES--totally! I bought one for my DH for father's day and he loves it. I love it too because now, we don't have 5 remotes lying around.
  5. I think it is a great gift, my BF has 2, he spent days getting them set up and was so proud of himself when everything was working. I love having them, means I don't have to carry remotes up and down stairs.
  6. I enjoyed mine..although I can't find it now :confused1: but I would say go for it this way you don't have a million and one remotes lying around for your gadgets.:yes:
  7. My husband loves his chameleon remote! It was so worth it. I can't stand having bunches of remotes lying around :cursing:
  8. I've often considered getting one of these. Are they easy to programme?
  9. Yes, I've heard good things about those Chameleon remotes. I'll check that brand out. It's confusing trying to pick the best one.
  10. Ours is a logitech - we actually got it at Costco and it works great!
  11. My DH loves his. He HAD to have one. I think it sounds like a great gift for a guy into electronics.
  12. YES!!! I rolled my eyes when DH wanted to buy one but now I understand completely why we needed it. kidlearner summed it up greatly!

    We got a refurbished Logitech Harmony 880 for about 60% off from It is such a smart remote too! Without it we'd have 5 or 6 remotes! Totally recommend it!