Is a "re-stocking fee" enforceable on eBay?

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  1. I noticed yesterday that a seller I purchased from several times states in her current auctions that if an item is returned, there will be a 15% restocking fee. It seems like a good idea from a seller's point of view, because the 15% will help cover fees associated with the relisting of the item, but is it enforceable? (I assume this applies only the item is returned within a set amount of time with all of the original security tags intact.) Is there an official eBay policy about this? Thanks!
  2. Basically, no, but whether you pay it or not depends on why and how you return the bag. If you change your mind, for example, and reach an agreement with the seller for a return/refund, the seller could deduct that amount unless you convince her/him not to. But when you're returning the item because it turned out to be "not as described"--broken, fake, different color, stained...-- if the seller agrees to refund the money but insists on charging that fee, all you need to do is open a PayFoe SNAD dispute, which (if won) entitles you to the full amount you paid for the item plus the original shipping.
  3. Thank you, that's what I thought. So in essence, a malicious buyer can circumvent the seller's rule by purposely damaging the bag and filing SNAD. There's just no way for sellers to win on eBay...:tdown:

  4. I have "No Returns" in my listings. Twice I have had people ask for returns. I told the 1st buyer that I charge a 15% restocking fee and I also require a mutally agreed not to complete transaction before I refund. I advise them of my policy and that I am doing them a favor. Once I examine the item, I send the buyer the mutual. Then I refund less 15% (and do not refund any shipping or insurance).

    Unless it is my fault, of course.
  5. ...there's just no seller protection anymore, sad (as if the fee's weren't bad enough!)
  6. I have "no returns" in my listings too. It all depends on the type of person the buyer is. One time a buyer inquired about what my return policy was, and I said well, I'm a small seller, I can't accept returns, and that was it. Another buyer asked for FB immediately after receiving a NWT bag (I complied, it is not like eBay would give me a chance to tell the truth and warn others anyway). A day later she files SNAD and sends the bag back without the store tags attached! Thankfully, Paypal agreed with me that it was buyers remorse and refunded me a portion of the price due to the fact that she had cut the tags off, thereby damaging its resale value. Her actions really hurt my feelings, but I am grateful that the bag was not purposely damaged to boost her claim. I took a several-month break from ebay after that, and I have to say I no longer trust most buyers, not in this anti-seller climate eBay has created.


  7. Can you pm me your buyer I had one just do this also and wear the bag leaving it very dirty I will send you her name. I refunded her since I thought paypal would side with her since she returned the bag to me but not in the same condition. From now on I am not doing this.

  8. I will PM you her ID, and please PM me your buyer's ID so I can block her also. If someone tries something like that once, they are liable to do it again since there are no longer any feedback repercussions... :tdown:

  9. ok sending now
  10. Thanks, sent you a PM as well!