Is a cream paddy versatile for all seasons? Please help me decide if I should get it.

  1. I just bought a tan paddington that I LOVE but somehow I feel really strange wearing it w/ black so I'm hoping the cream will be better for me w/ black outfits or maybe its my excuse to get another paddy. (i'm hooked):graucho: I have a chance to buy a great Cream Paddington Med satchel below retail but the thing is I havent been able to see it in person so I'm counting on the Chloe experts to help me out. If anyone has any pict ures of any cream paddys please post them.

    Here are some uestions I had about the cream paddys...

    1. Does it get dirty easily or does color from dark jeans transfer onto it easily?

    2. Does it have any gold tones to it or is it more on the white side?

    3. What is the color of the stitching?

    4. Do you love it?

    Thanks for your help everyone! :tender:
  2. If I were to get another Paddy, Cream would be my next pick.
    I'm partial to the beigey/yellow creams like Craie or the ivory-ish Blanc color.

    Not sure which cream you're talking about.
    This season?
  3. Spring's cream. Do you know what color that is?
  4. i think the Spring version is the Ivory/Blanc, which is the one i have. the annoying thing about this color is that different websites have different names for it, like Bergdorf and Net-A-Porter. but it's a beautiful bag, and i know i'll use it all year round :yes:
    chloe paddington.jpg chloe paddington2.jpg chloe paddington 001.jpg
  5. Sandra I love your Paddy!! Where did you get it? I'm looking into one myself at the moment (like so many other bags). LOL!!
  6. Awww I don't see the style you have on that site Sandra. I guess they don't have anymore.
  7. The Paddington Blanc is a really beautiful colour. Perfect for summer and it will look all snowy for winter!
  8. The color is beautiful. If it doesn't get dirty easily, go for it!!
  9. The color is fabulous. As long as you're not carrying around sippy cups and snacks.
  10. check eBay. i've seen quite a few there :yes:. but there are more fakes than real ones, though, so be careful!

  11. Personally, I think tan works far better with black than cream does...! :biggrin:

    Like wearing navy with black, wearing brown, or tan, with black is a very European (predominantly French) thing to do.