Is a B-bag for me?

  1. Hello, there! I hope it's okay to start a new thread with this sort of an inquiry. :smile: My profile:

    I'm a university student and the occasional traveller. I'd like a bag that can hold a laptop (I'm planning on buying one of those nifty 13" MacBooks) and, if possible, a textbook or three. Unfortunately, I can't afford a closet full of bags just yet, so this bag would be getting quite a bit of use (i.e. it would be fairly all-purpose).

    Do you have a B-bag style to suggest to me, or else would you direct me to a different brand?
  2. Several people have asked the same question recently and there have been long discussions.

    If you search for 'laptop' within the Balenciaga forum using the Advanced search facility you should be able to follow the debate.

    I think that quite a lot of people thought that a Work would be great for a student with a laptop.
  3. B-Bags are the best, you've come to the right place ;o)

    Do you want to carry the bag in your hand, over your shoulder or cross-body messenger style?
  4. My personal Opinion.. No offense to bbag fans.. I love my bbags too.. I think LV is a better choice.. They have tough canvas. Easy to clean and durable.. I think B bag's leather is delicate..
  5. Ohhh..I TOTALLY recommend the work for you if you like shoulder bags. If you want to carry it across your body try the courier. I have both...I LOVE THEM!!! Welcome, bbags are great for all purpose use!!! I think you're in the right place.
  6. I never even tried on a work, so I can't comment on it :sad: But could a Day be good for the small laptop + text books combo? I can fit loads in my day - two large A4 notebooks, a smaller heavy book and a big jumper, say, and it's always comfortable. I also think it looks fabulous on everyone!

    I think it's make a great bag for an overnight stay away somewhere - it's so roomy it could easily accommodate a change of clothing, toiletries, etc.
  7. I would try out the work in a darker color...grat bag!
  8. I agree with chpwhy. BBag's leather is soft & delicate.
    However "Work" is a great choice as a muti-purpose bag. It is large enough to house a laptop & books ..etc.
    Personally I love to carry my B'bags light. B'bag looks less beautiful when too heavy stuff(s) inside.
    This thread reminds me when I was a university student. I used to have a large Prada nylon(tessuto) bag to carry things around. It's practical & easy to take care.
    I'd say besides B'bag, Prada Tessuto & Gucci canvas bags are good choices too.
  9. I am not familiar with the size of the work, but I have a city and I can fit my 12" macbook and a textbook in it, in addition to what is already in there (money wallet, make up case, checkbook, misc junk). I probably wouldn't put in it more than that though. I hope this helps!
  10. I know this is not what you want to hear, but I don't think a bbag would be the right bag for this purpose, unless you will consider a courier, which is not the *typical bbag* ...

    My thoughts about the work: yes, it will fit a lot of stuff, including laptop and lots of other stuff. BUT: it doesn't have a shoulder strap, just the handles. As you may have read on here, the handles may be too short to carry the bag on the shoulder, depending on the width of your arm and also on how stuffed the bag is. IMHO it is just not comfortable to carry when stuffed, esp with heavy stuff, laptop plus textbooks.

    About the city: It has a shoulder strap, but the laptop will barely fit, so the bag will look funnily square-shaped as supposed to its normal soft shape. Also, with a laptop inside, you will not be able to much more inside.

    About the part-time: this style is wider, but less high than the city, so it probably won't fit your laptop :sad:

    About the day: it will fit your laptop, but it will look square-shaped.

    The courier is the best choice IMO. The downside is that it's not a purse style, but a messenger style.

    I know what I am talking about btw... I am a student also and just HAD to have a bbag. Of course I could only afford one bbag, so I picked the city style, because I liked it best. It does not work well with a laptop. It is just too uncomfortable to carry with a laptop inside :sad: The same applies to carrying more than one textbook... So I only ever carry my city to school when I only need a notebook, water bottle, pencil case. Also consider that when you have a bbag, you may not want to put it on the ground or carry it in the rain, since the leather is delicate. Not when it comes to ripping, just when it comes to discoloration or stains...

    Don't wanna scare you off or anything, but I just thought you should know what to expect. If you can compromise, you may still wanna get a bbag... Anyway, good luck finding the perfect bag for your needs :heart: (hope it will be a bbag in the end! )