Is a 35cm Birkin in Natural Epsom with Palladium a good find?

  1. Dear Experts,

    I have been searching the blog on epsom, and I have been turning up mixed reviews. In person at Hermes I have seen Togo, Clemence, Ligee... what do you feel about this bag: 35cm Birkin in Natural Epsom with Palladium? Should I run in for it? I know it is always a personal choice, but what do you all think? Is the color good, the leather bad? Are both the color and the leather unremarkable? I'm not sure. Seems like any birkin is a good one, or am I impatient? (impatience seems to be a common feeling around birkins!)

    Thank you.

  2. AoA...seems like this, as always, is just a personal choice. You have to ask yourself if you love it. If you are buying for yourself...I would take a look and if it hits you...then you know it is wonderful. Know what I mean?
  3. ITA Kellybag! It is a personal choice. There are pro's/con's for every leather and colour as well as each individual's preference. Go and have a look, you'll know instantly if it's a good find.
  4. Like Kellybag said, it's really just a personal choice. I have two items in Epsom and I really like it but a lot of people find it too plastic and stiff. For some bagstyles, like a birkin, and colors it works really well I think, for others it doesn't. I wouldn't be able to decide one way or the other before I saw it in person and if you love it, just go for it.
  5. You really have to see it. Epsom is not the leather for me but you may LOVE it! Let us know!!
  6. i agree with the above posters that an in-person view is a must on this one.

    my 2 cents on epsom: epsom is a great, hard-wearing leather....but IMO it lacks some of the softness/silkiness of other H leathers. if you want the bag as a workhorse, and/or you're not one of those people that spends a lot of time, ahem, stroking the leather on your bag (i'm notorious for 'petting' my bags), epsom is a great choice. if the softness of the leather means a lot to you, i probably wouldn't suggest epsom. i have one bag in epsom, which i intended as a 'workhorse' bag, so it's perfect. i probably wouldn't get it in a birkin or kelly, because i'm not looking at either of those as 'workhorse' purchases....but that's JMO.

    hope that helps!! regardless, always worth it to go take a look!
  7. I think an epsom birkin would be great for everyday, sort of work type use. I'd buy one but I already have most of the basic birkins I think I need - but that one sounds great, go for it!
  8. :yes: to what everyone has said.

    i like epsom in neutral colors like black,white, it is a fairly hardy leather. i have a 35 birkin in black and i carry it everywhere with me, so it is pretty much a workhorse. i wouldn't call it quite as hardy as togo however, i think togo is really and truly scratchproof, i do have a few scratches on the back that you can only really see in certain lights.

    there is a light sheen to my bag and it is fairly rigid so if you don't like the sloppier slouchier look of the other leathers like clemence or swift, epsom might work for you :smile: it isn't as soft or "silky" but it does have a nice scent to it! :smile:
  9. I personally think natural is a gorgeous color!!! If you compare it to gold, it just seems more alive. I have never seen it in epasom, but I am currently selling my natural in vache liege on eBay if you want to take a look for color in a different leather.:smile:
  10. I would definately take a look at it. I like the idea of epsom for an everyday bag. Having said that, I don't own any. So, I can't speak for how it looks after it's been used for a while.
  11. I love this colour! I don't know much about Epsom, but the colour is wonderful
  12. I hear its kind of a laminate looking.....I've seen a lot of accessories in epsom but have seen quite a few piece on eBay that is epsom and I just love the sturdyness of it.
  13. So, I need to live vicariously...what did you decide?
  14. I personally don't care for epsom for large pieces. Accessories, yes, Birkins, no. Again, just a personal preference but the other leathers just feel and look richer IMO.