irrational behavior

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  1. ever do something on an impulse or without your better judgement?

    i just cut my own hair b/c it was way too long and i couldn't decide on a hair style but i just wanted my hair short right there and then.
  2. Yes, and mine relates to hair as well. Typically the color though! LOL
  3. all the time.
  4. absolutely.
    impulsiveness is the only reason i ever have bangs. and why i was a red head for a while. :smile:
    my mom aways says there should be a phone line to talk out hair crisises: 1 800 dont cut. :smile:
  5. your mom is one wise woman.

    thank God i didn't cut it so short though, tmr at work the regional manager is visiting and i think my manager would have a heart attack if she saw my uneven ends...

    i'll tie it back in a bun of course

    thanks for sharing guys! i don't feel so alone now... :sweatdrop:
  6. Yes. That's how I got most of my living room furniture. Pure, unabashed impulse buying. No regrets 1 year later.
  7. All the time! Especially when I'm shopping!!

    Explains why I have brand new clothes which I don't ever/ intend to wear. :P
  8. I cut my own bangs once.

    When my mother came to Torotnot to visit me, she brought me two 'helpful' books. One about diet and one about body language. I take them to a used bookstore to try to sell them. The guy wouldn't take them because they weren't current enough. (Never mind the diet one was just published.) I was mad enough about things going wrong that day and that just added to it. I was walking down the street thinking, "There's no way in HELL these things are staying at my place!" and without thinking about it, I shoved them into a garbage can.
  9. all the time
  10. On some things, I tend to over anayze everything. Do the T bar, plus minus chart.
    Now hair is another story! I've been know to say, "do what you want" to my stylist. Lucky for me, she'll only go so far.
  11. back in 8th grade or so, i finally go so frustrated with my hair (too frizzy, too thick)...and i literally shaved it off.

    needless to say, mom wasn't too happy about that was right before picture day!

    (btw, 1-800-dont cut is a real number...but for self injury, not hair crises)
  12. I always do impulsive things! But with my hair I do not really care... so I am impulsive but it is no big deal on my end.
  13. Met too!!

    I cut my own bangs all the time....I have had friends freak out about it but for me it is not a big deal...I have even asked a family member to cut the length of my hair and she was like "What!!"...:shame: I also dont care as much about my hair...:P
  14. This thread makes me want to cut my hair.. It is getting long!
  15. uh oh!

    think before you cut!