Iriza - top of toe ruined after 1 wear

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  1. #1 Jun 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    Hi hope someone can give their feedback. I wore my new Iriza's for the first time last night. I walked a short distance from the car to restaurant - when we left the restaurant it was raining quite heavily. One shoe just has normal wear but one looks damaged. I did not trip - it looks like the tip maybe wasn't well stuck down and the water has made the leather swell. I got the shoes from the online store - what do you ladies think is this not acceptable and I should ask for a new pair? Or do I need to get repaired. I have several pairs of louboutins - many worn countless times and none have worn like this. It's not the end of the world but I'm disappointed that after one wear I need to send off for repair!

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  2. I have heard that damage with pointer toes is more common. I would have vibrum applied to the sole, they look good and are protective. Thank goodness the beautiful uppers are undamaged! Such beautiful classic heels!! :smile:
  3. I would be curious as to what the seller will say, but it seems like that is from perhaps you taking a mis-step and catching the tip.....I've done that on occasion....easily repaired by a cobbler.....agree with other poster.... mainly happens with pointy toed pumps.....
  4. Thanks for your replies. I definitely didn't scuff the toe - I would have remembered that. That's why I was amazed to see the damage. I did notice that the tip was less stuck down on one shoe but not such that it worried me. My husband can't believe they will need fixed after one wear! I'll contact the online store tomorrow and if no joy I'll need to send off to Minuit Moins 7 in London to get fixed. They are the louboutin recommended cobbler her in the UK.
  5. I suspect louboutin will say it's because I wore them in wet weather. Tricky to avoid in the UK it rains constantly. I think if the first few wears were in the dry the soles bed in a bit. My pigalle Plato have been worn loads and they are still fine. Think I've just been unlucky.
  6. The soles are supposed to get scuffed up, the red isn't made to last. They won't replace them and it would be ridiculous to send them off MM7 after one wear. I'd let the red soles get worn down naturally and then send them to MM7 to have their vibrams put on.
  7. It's not the red sole wearing that's the problem. The sole has come away at the tip of the toe on one shoe.

    I actually spoke with louboutin today and they asked me to send them pictures.
  8. It happened to my new Simple pumps too. I wore them for like 30mins to stretch the shoes, and a little part in front 'split' just like your pic. But it wasn't as bad as your pic.
  9. There have been reports on PF/Louboutin of other QA (Quality Assurance) issues. Peeling, bad workmanship that "got through" Final Inspection (should have been rejected).

    My take is that Louboutin is feeling pressure to meet demand by upping its production numbers. However, at the expensive of Quality Control. This will end badly, as discriminating consumers (Loubie shoe fanatics) will be disappointed, complain, possibly ABANDONING Loutoutin loyalty in favor of other brands/shoes. There is a thread on this forum, where some gals are in Mutiny status! They think Loubies are over-priced, with the quality going down as well. However, to me, there are enough "upsides" (continuing mind blowing designs with crazy creative materials/patterns), that keep me loyal.

    I've had pretty good luck with my Loubies (120mm and 130mm heels).

    I only had the Love Me 120 "black sparkle" covering PEEL OFF at the heel. It's a fancy inter-twined weave of black & gold fibers.
    I don't fault Louboutin that much, he's definitely "pushing the limits" with his shoes -- material/fabrics, patterns, textures, etc.

    Me, I'm just "gluing" the strands back on myself! I've become an amateur-cobbler, I've been fixing my OLD 5" pumps from 90's then selling them on Ebay. That E6000 industrial grade glue (Walmart, Michaels art store, etc) is AWESOME stuff. Great for shoe repair, esp the inner soles which can become "separated" from the shoe last.
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  10. This is what happens if you wear them in the rain :sad:. Vibram soles are a god solution!
  11. That just looks like the red sole has worn off because of the rain. Other than that, the integrity of the shoe looks fine. I would just get them re-soled.
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  12. Louboutin fixed my shoes and they just got back. During the repair process the patent has been marked - I am not having much luck with these shoes! It's like a dark mark has got under the patent which won't come off.

    Does anyone know if the mark can be removed?
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