Ippolita - Rose or Silver???

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  1. I was looking at the Ippolita collection. I'm liking the bangles with the stones and the Rock Candy earrings. I am wondering which metal is more versatile, the Rose or the Silver?

    Probably going to pass on the gold, since I have other pieces in it already.

    I'm thinking with the bangles, it's better to get a few to wear together? All the same color or mix and match? I'm not good at figuring this stuff out. Or, it's from staring at the monitor so long. :P
    I did go to the store and tried some on, but now I'm confused again. TIA!
  2. What do you already have in gold?
  3. I prefer bangles to be mixed and matched. They are more versatile that way.
  4. I meant I have other gold pieces already. I am thinking I would mix and match, too. More variety and it adds interest.