IPOD trouble! HELP!

  1. So I scrolled down my songs on my iPod nano (it's red ) and I clicked on a song and it just suddenly froze. The song that I wanted to play is highlighted but I can't do anything. It's just completely frozen. HELP! What do I do? It won't let me restore my ipod! :shrugs: :crybaby: :sad: :rant:
  2. ok, this happened to my daughter last week. Dont panic, but you have to take it off charge, and let the battery run completely down :yes: , it will be fine when you recharge it, but its a little glitch from time to time.

    It will be fine, promise, you just need to leave it and let the battery die down and then recharge her.

    good luck
  3. i've never had that happened to me but if that fails.. call the apple store. they should be able to help trouble shoot it over the phone.
  4. This has happened to me a few times now - just leave it... once it has run out of battery you'll be able to recharge it and then it should be fine... very annoying I know, but nothing to worry about I'm sure...
  5. why don't u try to push the play and menu button on the same time for 3-5 seconds, it should restart the system.

    it works on my old 15 gig ipod, i think it'll work with the new one too.
  6. Or, if it isn't on the chrager, sometimes the battery is too low
  7. I tried this and it worked. From the research that I have done on the wonderful GOOGLE it apparently "reboots" it. So now my ipod is working fine. THANK GOD!
    Thank you to everyone!
  8. so glad to hear that. I know it can be scary. I know I fried one ipod and lost all my music....it was a bummer, now I have a program called tune transfer and I have it all backed up on a portable drive.
  9. That's happened to me before too - glad it works for you now!

    If it ever messes up and won't fix, you can go on the Apple website for additional help and/or to send it in for service:


    I had mine sent in before and since it was still under warranty all I paid for was shipping. They were fast too.
  10. mine did the SAME... on the airplane AS SOON AS THEY SAID "turn off all electronics! I couldn't turn it off!)!!

    Just let the battery completely die and and then hook it to your computer and it'll then restore!

    EDIT: O... you fixed it :smile:
  11. good news! yeah, i had a weird incident with mine where I forgot to turn it off before a flight took off. then, I listened to music just fine but couldn't turn it off! so I had to let the battery die down and recharge it when I got home...all OK now.