Ipod Help Needed Plaese!

  1. Hi All

    Sorry for this long post but I'll start at the beginning. My (now ex) boyfriend bought me an ipod for christmas in 2005. So that I wouldn't suspect anything he got a friend to load 60 cd's onto the ipod for me from copied CD's and MP3's. However, something went wrong and instead of having each CD listed by album name and then song name, lots of songs are merely listed as track 1, track 2, track 3 etc so that even after having my ipod for all this time I keep finding random songs that I didn't know were there.
    What I want to do is completely clear the ipod and start again. I now have my own computer to do this on. Does anyone know how to clear an ipod? The only thing I can think of is to connect it to itunes and clear itunes but this isn't an option as, like I said, the person who created the playlist was an aquaintance of my ex. Can anyone help? It drives me mad having all these random songs scattered on my ipod....
  2. Set ITunes to automatically updated (overwrite) the ipod...that's done in preferences, and plug it in...that's it, what you have on your new Itunes will automaticall replace what ever is in the ipod, essentially wiping out everything else.
  3. I don't actually have anything in itunes at the moment, as I was waiting to find out how to clear the ipod. Will this still work? I'll effectively be overwriting it with nothing right? Which will work as I'll have cleared it and be ready to start again with whatever's in itunes? Is that right? As you can tell, I'm not great with gadgets :confused1:
  4. Exactly, you will be overwriting it with nothing :smile:
  5. I'll give that a go, thanks for the help ;)
  6. I have an ipod. Download itunes onto your computer if you dont have it. Once you connect the ipod to your computer,if the songs that are on your ipod are not on your computer they should automatically be deleted. This happens with my ipod and all my friends' ipod. If the music cannot be found in the itunes it will be erased from the ipod.
  7. Great, thanks for that I'll give it a try and start from scratch!