1. Has anyone heard if Coach is planning on making a case for the iPhone?
  2. I dont know, but that would be something I would deff buy! They should, thats for sure-they would probably make BANK off it.
  3. I don't know either. But it took FOREVER for them to make a video Ipod case. I think they only made one and it has never been seen again. It would be nice if they made one. I would buy it.
  4. Doubt it. Not that many people have an iphone and what are the chances that the people that do have one, like Coach.
  5. probably not. but i certainly hope it would be more functional than the lv one!
  6. I hope so! I would love my iphone to be as stylish as my purse. :smile:
  7. I've been waiting...but as another poster said...it seems to take coach a long time to catch up with the ipods so I'm expecting the same for the iphone.
  8. oh oh, wait. would an iphone case also fit the new touch ipod?!

    i never bought the iphone (i text too much and touchscreen=bad). BUT, i'm an ipod junkie.