Ipad vs Kindle vs Nook for lending/free books

  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm trying to figure what ereader will suit my needs the most. I've been a die hard public library girl my whole life, so I'm just getting into ereaders.

    I have gotten books (paid from itunes) on my iPad. I liked having books on it, but the battery would always die at the best part. Especially if I charged it overnight and then read all day, like on vacation at the beach etc. By late afternoon I would be bookless. Dh has iPad 2 and says the battery would last longer but I haven't tried it. And I also would be bothered by the glare on the shiny iPad, and it could be difficult to read with polarized sunglasses lol.

    Kindle/Kindle Fire seems nice, but is it redundant to get either of these if I already have an iPad? My dd has a Kindle, and she's always annoyed about the light situation. But it looks more comfortable for reading outside, and seems to have a longer battery life. She keeps offering it to me, but honestly I don't want to share a library with her! She's only 13, letting her read the Twilight series was HARD for me lol. Also, are the free books available to Amazon Prime members worth the membership fee? Or will I still be paying for most of the popular books?

    And that leaves Nook. My mom has one and swear she's never paid for a book. She gets them from B&N website, I believe. But she'd rather read a book she doesn't enjoy than pay for one lol! Does B&N offer alot of free books? Are they good books?

    So now I'm curious about online lending libraries. My local public library does offer ebook downloads, but I was just browsing their catalog and didn't come up with much that didn't have a waiting list. I didn't realize ebooks would even have a waiting list! But our library budget has been shrinking for the past few years, so I do understand that they are not putting alot of money into the downloadable books.
    How about online lending libraries that you pay to join? Has anyone tried this?

    Sorry this is so long! Any advice and insight would be appreciated!!
  2. I don't know if I'll be of much help because I'm not 100% sure about this but if you already have an ipad I don't think u should get a kindle fire. I think the kindle fire is pretty much a tablet, which is what an ipad is or they're similar. Someone explained it to be before but I don't remember everything that was said. Lol.

    I have no comment on the nook since I don't have one nor do I know anyone who has one.

    I do recommend the kindle touch though. I have that for about 2 months now and have read around 30ish books and only had to charge it 3 times including the first time when I first got it. Amazon has a lot of free books you can download and of corse there's the library. I live in the suburbs so my local library's ebook collection is kinda small but luckily for me, my friend lives in a big city so I just barrow her library account to barrow ebooks since she doesn't have an ebook reader. Also you could download free books from this site called daily free books that has new free ebooks everyday that you can download from Amazon.
  3. i don't have an ipad want one but not for reading i am waiting on my nook color to get here i'm not sure how many free books but i'm willing to buy if it comes to that
  4. If you go to B&N you can type 0.0 into their search engine and a list of free books will pop up. I have the Nook Tablet and the Nook Glow but the tablet was really kind of a waste of money, just a glorified magazine reader.

    If you get the ipad and don't mind reading on a back-lit screen (strains my eyes) then you'd be fine. I lend my Nook books to a friend that has an ipad with the Nook app, I imagine you could do the same with the Kindle app, then you'd have all your bases covered instead of having to rely just on one format.
  5. I ended up going with a 3G Kindle Touch. I love it! The decision maker for me was the e ink, so simple to read outside without any glare. And I love the adjustable font size. As far as free books, I've come across a lot of them, but I'm still buying what I'm dying to read. Oh well, there could be worse things I'm spending on. Thanks for the help ladies!
  6. I just got one of these also. I got the Kindle Fire as a gift, but ended up exchanging. Wanted to suggest a lighted case. I LOVE mine. You only use the light when you need it-it swings out along the top of the case. I fell asleep reading the other night and it shut off automatically after a bit.