Invicta 9212 watch!

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  1. Hey all!
    I'm considering of purchasing this invicta speedway two tone watch!
    So what do you think?Anyone here already owning one?
    Will it be too big for a womans wrist?
    Share you thoughts..
  2. I like it, it reminds me of the rolex daytona.
  3. ^^ me too, reminds me of the daytona
  4. Thank you!
    I guess it does look a lot like a rolex daytona..
    What do you think of the size tho?is 43mm too big?
    I would love some wristshots..
  5. I liked big watches. :cool: Have you tried it on?
  6. I also like big watches..
    Thats why i set my eyes on this one in the first place..
    But i dont have the chance to try it on, so i can only order it online..
    But since i never had a 43mm watch before i am wondering if this one will be too big for my (average woman) wrist or not..
  7. I would head to the nearest jewelry store or department store and try on a similar style in the same sizing bracket. To me (a man), 39 mm is the largest watch that I personally choose to wear.
  8. I like that watch! I also would recommend that you go to a store nearby and try something similar on. I have a small wrist and I think up to a 42 will look okay on me. I prefer 39mm though.