Inventory Update...What Have You Seen and Where?

  1. I am having "challenges" trying to keep up with inventory reports on various threads...yes...I am obsessed with the F06 bags... :shame:

    So, what have you seen or where have you called and what do they have in stock?

    Just spoke to a SA at Barneys in LA. She said she doubts many city bags will hit the floor in the next couple of weeks as demand is pretty intense for the F06 bags...I heard the same from a SA at NM in SF (regarding the city bags). Both stores have the cement in the city and Barneys BH has the truffle (they describe it as a "cold" brown). Right now, it is pretty much "pre-order" for rouge or grenat at Barneys BH (or hope your SA has one in the back). They sold out of the sapin almost immediately as well. Oh, and they do have black city bags in stock. Barneys BH has a couple grenat (SA called it burgundy) hobo/day bags (they call it "feed")...

    Has anyone seen the day in the F06 rouge?
  2. Socal,

    Can you recommend a good SA at Barney's BH? I'm a bit timid there :smile:
  3. I just spoke to Melissa. She was very nice on the phone. I have also worked with John and Sunshine on the phone and at the store. They were also quite nice/professional.

    Was looking over new posts and thought I should also thank the Hermes thread for "inventory thread" inspiration... :yes:
  4. john was very nice and helpful. he calls me back immediately.
  5. Thanks for the input guys...
    Is John the tall smiling white guy? Or the quiet one w/ dark hair?
  6. John is medium height with dark hair (may be quiet, I am unsure).

    Another inventory note, Jumpei indicated AR will receive the part-time bag in...


    Bal NY expects to receive the part-time bag in...

    (they are trying to get additional colors in...)
  7. Has anyone heard any new news about the red cities? I emailed aloha rag and they said "soon hopefully" but they didn't sound sure.
  8. I don't think AR or BalNY have the rouge city yet. BalNY did receive grenat city bags.
  9. Copy/pasted from Jag's NM thread...thanks Jag...found the info you posted quite useful... :shame:

    Hi ladies

    Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442 just called from NM in Troy, Michigan to give me the update on their stock. This is what they have and can get:

    First ($995)
    Bleu Roi
    Camel (pre-order)
    Turquoise (pre-order)

    City ($1195)
    Sapin (green)

    Work ($1385)
    Blue Roi

    Some of these color descriptions I recognize, but as you know, NM has their own terminology for their colors. She said the leather on the new bags is incredible! IF you have any questions, call Lisa (248) 635-8442.
  10. Does anyone have the "early alert" email from Bal NY that lists the season's inventory?
  11. Thanks SoCal!
  12. Wow, NM already has the City in Rouge Vif??? Maybe I need to rethink my pre-order with BalNY....
  13. I did call on the rouge city...NM has not received it yet...Lisa indicated it may not reach the stores...if pre-orders are heavy, they will be sent from the warehouse to fill pre-orders... She is going to try to secure them once they become available.
  14. I called NM in SF just now and they have no Rouge VIf in stock(I was going to drive down to buy a Rouge Vif City or Work based on elise's gorgeous pics!!! I fell in love with the color!:heart: ). The SA I spoke to told me that they wouldn't get them in until Sept or so?!? She also said they didn't have any Grenats/Oxblood(but she called them Bordeaux), but they would be coming in at the same time as the Rouge Vifs, but only in the Purse, Office, and Day/Hobo style. She did say they had a light grey(I'm assuming Cement).

  15. Javier is excellent!