Introducing my babies

  1. These are my kids. Keno and Pancho...they just wanted to stop by and say HI :smile:
  2. very cute!
  3. Cuties!
  4. Awwww! I love pugs, actually any squishy-faced dogs, like bulldogs, boxers lol. Pugs have very strong personalities, don't they? I recall Roger Caras (the man who did commentary at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show) saying, "you haven't lived till you've been owned by a pug".

    Hi, Keno and Pancho!:smile:
  5. They are adorable.

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: "...owned by a pug"!! They are all sorts of adorable!!
  7. They are adorable but they are crazy non stop. Their personalities are so different too but I love them to death.
  8. Awww ... your pugs are so cute!
  9. Keno and Pancho,

    You two are very, very cute!:smile:
  10. OMgoodness they are so cute!

    Hi Guys:smile:

    Their so healthy looking too, their fur looks so plush!
  11. sooo cute!!!

    I love it when our angels smile for the camera :biggrin:
  12. Adorable!!
  13. Hi babies!!!

    They are SO adorable!!!

    Thanks for sharing their cuteness! :heart:
  14. what cuties!