Introducing Jude Joseph- My new cat!

  1. Hey everyone,
    Here are pics of my new Cat Jude Joseph. He's 7 months old and loves to meow and purr. I adopted him from the AZ Animal Welfare League this past weekend.


  2. Beautiful!! You did a wonderful thing. :smile:
  3. You're a good person for adopting Jude Joseph! He's going to love you forever and vice versa!

    He's beautiful!
  4. the kitty si adorable..i got my kitty from the local SPCA too:tup:
  5. Good for you! He looks so happy. Congrats!
  6. Congrats, he's so handsome!

    He's really prettyy too!
  8. cute!

    Ihave a black cat, too. His name is Henry:heart:

    We always adopt from a shelter!
  9. how cute! looks like my cat, lol.
  10. He's beautiful and black cats are lucky too!
  11. Congratulations! So cute!
  12. He's so cute!!!! He'll be a great companion. Beautiful!

    Louie and Clarisse, my 2 black cats say he looks like a long lost brother - lol!
  13. Thanks! ^^ Did u adopt your cats in AZ? I tried to find some of his siblings, but he was the only one that came into the Maricopa Animal Control.
  14. He's adorable! Congrats!
  15. what a cutie! congrats!