Introducing Angel Iris Murphy Brown

  1. [​IMG] Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown introduces her new daughter, whom she has named Angel Iris Murphy Brown, to the world in OK! Magazine UK this week. It took Mel quite awhile to decide on the baby's name.
    Melanie explains her choice as follows, 'Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy. Iris, as it's my grandma's name, Murphy because he's the dad and Brown because I'm the mum!'
    According to Mel, Angel, who joins big sister Phoenix Chi, 8, has Eddie Murphy's dimples and smile.
  2. the baby is adorable...
  3. ahhh cute, and I like the name Angel.

    Gosh, its such a shame she has had to resort to this to get Mr Murphy to take notice :biggrin:
  4. Awe
  5. :flowers: Awwww...I'm a sucker for babies. I love the name Angel Iris.

    Congrats to Mel B.:balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  6. God Bless the new baby!
  7. awwwww too cute! good luck to her and the baby! shes adorable and mel looks amazing!
  8. Eddie Murphy is a loser. Sorry, im just so tired of hearing about men who impregnante their girffriends and then just run off with someone else and deny everything completely. Be a man and take care of your kid!!!
  9. The scans of the interview.I cant belive she tallked about truly private detailes of her life,so candidly.She seems like a great person and the whole Edie thing is unbelivable.Who cuts you out of your life like that?Assuming she is telling the truth.

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  10. Oh Mel and the Baby are both BEAUTIFUL--of course!
    I'm so proud of Mel for keeping her head up through all of this. She looks as if she is going to be fine with or without Murphy and I'm sure her baby will be too (although I hope at some point Eddie acknowledges his child..for the childs sake....Of course, once the DNA proves he's the father). Boys do need their fathers or a good father figure at least....
  11. I completely agree, he is a loser.

    I don't know why she stuck Murphy in the name either, especially considering he's not even interested in the baby.
  12. I mean sleep with this woman and then deny that this is your child when you certainly know that there is at least a great possibility it is your child ..has LOSER written all over it! He's disgusting.
    I don't like him at all. He acted like some ridiculous teenager. He's a fully grown man. He should know to keep his private affairs private. Mel has been classy throughout this entire ordeal. I applaud her!

    If I were her I would just go about my business. I'm sure she can raise her son without Murphys financial support. I would not want a dime from him or have any dealing with him at all.
  13. ^^LOL!Its a girl not a boy!
  14. Oh, Thanks Lime. I just didn't realize and assumed it was a boy from the photo...I didn't even look at the name...just saw Murphy Brown....LOL:shame:..beautiful baby regardless....

    She can raise her daughter without Murphy..........I'm sure she can!