INTRECCIATO NAPPA 2016 Clutch & Cross Body

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  1. Hello all,

    I purchased my new bag, directly from BV, and wow, it is fabulous! So classy, handy, the right size for my frame of 5'10". I used to have the messenger bag, that wasn't quite big enough, for me. THIS BAG is amazing, with so much scrumptious leather, easy access with a greater magnet closure, very sophisticated, holds plenty of stuff, & length on strap is perfect (it's on the last hole for my height). The inside suede feels much more luxurious than my older BV and the dust bag color has changed to a smokey rich color. I guess, the photos show I am a BV addict ;)

    Has anyone else taken the plunge to get one?

    IMG_0833.JPG IMG_0836.JPG IMG_0837.JPG IMG_0838.JPG IMG_0840.JPG IMG_0842.JPG
  2. Oh yum. Look at all that delicious nappa leather. :drool:
    I haven't seen this bag in person yet, since it just came out this year.
    I really like how it can be used more than one way. Congrats :flowers:
  3. Thanks @V0N1B2 I went in for another style bag & my SA knew id fall in lust with this one! So :drool: :smile:
  4. This is perfect- congrats, it's stunning!
  5. It's so pretty! Is it heavy?

    Btw I like the frangipani flower you put inside your makeup bag
  6. Beautiful bag! And I love the Moon Dust wallet......
  7. Thank you :smile: It is not heavy at all, in fact like a feather. One of the reasons I chose it, I have shoulder problems and this bag gives me ZERO problems. Unless of course, i load it up =)
    Thanks about the flower, wear it everyday =)
  8. Thank you :smile:
  9. Thank you, my SA told me the non woven pattern is reminiscent of the older original BV style. I love the color and need to find matching nail polish ;)
  10. What a stunning bag! It looks really compact on you and yet pretty roomy within. I did not imagine it can fit so much. Congratulations on your new bag!
  11. I can't believe how much it holds too! That is elegant!

    It looks to have a long strap like the pillow. When you said it's on the last hole - shortest or longest? I'm 5'5" and the pillow was too long and hit me wrong.

    This bag has such an elegant vibe. Reminds me of the Olimpia.
  12. Hello fellow Dutch girl!
    I got aflutter when I saw this. Whew Ee! It's got the elegance of the Olimpia sans center divider and a less weighty strap. And the fact that you're 5'10" and it hangs so well totally spoke to me because I'm 5'10" too!

    The dimension and images on BVs site make it look bigger than it reads on you. It's really well scaled.

    I like the idea of the strap being detachable and I was thinking I could dress the bag up by putting on the small chain strap from my Disco (mini messenger).

    The only thing that saved me, or so I thought, was available colors. I don't need either of those. NM and BG have it in new light grey and that was tempting. But Barneys has it in Barolo. I'm in real trouble...
  13. G, I thought I had my mind set on Barolo in the small Olimpia but you are so right in terms of the slightly weighty chain on it. Your idea of dressing up this clutch with the disco chain strap is just brilliant. Makes this piece even more appealing. I need to call the boutique tomorrow to see whether this style is available in my country.
  14. Hi, wow! Gorgeous bag! I had seen it on the BV website and was definitely wanting one at some point. It really holds a lot!
    Your outfit and accessories are amazing!!!
    I have shoulder problems now too, so I've been wearing my disco. It's perfect for now, but in Fall I might like something a bit larger.
  15. Thank you, so sweet, and your observations are spot on! ;)
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